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Who is your favorite incarnation of the Doctor? It can be any one of them. mrgreen
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Tennant is my favorite Doctor. I love how whimsical he is and he has the best facial expressions. Plus he is 'slim and a little bit foxy'.
David Tennant is my favorite too!!!! I love him!!!!
Tennant all the way!
any one? any ONE??? I CANNOT CHOOSE!!!!!!!! User Image
i liked tennant but then matt came and its just the comical sence that i think a 900+ year old alien should have. plus 10 was kinda always saying he was sorry and crap
I love Matt Smith. smile
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Most likely David Tennent. I grew up with him, had him as a imaginary friend, also he is supermeganfoxyhandsome and he made me love this series. Thanks for the memory's Tennent!
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Troughton is my absolute favorite.

Runners up are everyone else. I love all the Doctors.
I've only saw 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 11th doctor incarnations.

From those I liked Patrick Troughton, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant.
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I think it's a three way tie between David Tennant, Tom Baker, and Patrick Troughton

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A solid tie between 10 and 11. I think 10 was overall more fun, and his end was utterly tragic, but 11 has a childlike intensity about him, as well as a sheer, overpowering love for the universe not present in 10 that I am rather entranced by.
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You never forget your first doctor....
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My favorite was the 10th Doctor..9 wasn't bad either, and as for the earlier Doctors...I still need to see those episodes. One day I will though!

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