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In my opinion nothing is more terrifying and dangerous as the Weeping
angels. I mean, come on! They move when you can't see them
for god's sake! That is the scariest thing ever on Dr.Who!
They were at their best in Blink, their first appearence. I couldn't sleep for days!
They really got in my head.
I'm going with two- the weeping angels and the silence. The weeping angels for obvious reasons (there is a church with a weeping angel on the roof RIGHT by my apartment and I have to walk by it most nights) and then the Silence because you can't do anything about them. You look away and simply forget. Though I thought the way they "defeated" them was simply genius. Because seriously, they freaked me the hell out.

To quote Wikipedia (faaaaail sorry) "Actor Matt Smith, who portrays the Eleventh Doctor, called these aliens 'the scariest monsters in the Show's history' and Karen Gillan, who portrays companion character Amy Pond, commented that the Silence could 'actually rival the Weeping Angels in terms of scariness.' "


The first time i saw the "Blink" episode was with my little brother in a dark room and we literally screamed out loud.

When you're scared as a kid the first thing you want to do is close your eyes and hope it just... goes away. At least that was my instinct. ;__; Those things scared the crud out of me. I still look askance at statues on buildings.
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bwargle- have you seen the Silence yet? It will blow your mind!
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Definitely The Silence and weeping angels.

When I first saw the episode with the angels, I flipped out. That kind of stuff scares the hell out of me. gonk

And the whole Silence thing was just not cool. crying
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Wooden Peg Dollies or the Toclafane yet, they were terrifying. Tied at first with the Weeping Angels.
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I'm caught between Weeping Angels and the Silence.... I really loved them both. Though... I don't know why I said that other half. (I know, I know... That joke is WAY overused.)
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Lady Nabiki
Vashta Nerada

Cause its natural to fear the dark.

It scares the crap out of me... emotion_8c

Oh, man. I can't believe I forgot those things. I'm terrified of the dark and that did NOT help that fear.^^;
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I'd say the Weeping Angels, when I walk to school I go past this house with a statue of an angel I try to not blink and avoid it! xp
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I loved the empty child I do not thing any thing has ever frightend me soo much even hereing the words. "Are you my mummy." Is enought to send chills down my spine, I remember not going to sleep for nights on end in fear of it. 4laugh
the Racknos are creepy, annoying, and kinda sounds like a cat hissing xp xp xp xp

Ohh snapp i just saw a red spider burning_eyes

Go to this website to see my Doctor Who Trailer I made You Can TOO!!! whee rofl
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Well my favorite monster has to be Either the Weeping Angels or the Silence (both give me nightmares) sweatdrop
Weeping Angels without a doubt.
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My favorite is the Daleks, but I just have a terrifying respect for Weeping Angels. And David Tennant is so cute and I love his awesome hair and shoes! And Matt Smith! He's so awesome! Peace!

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