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So the extra 2-parter with David Tennant and The Master, when he returns. That whole 2-parter bugged me for several reasons, like what was wrong with The Master? I understand he is partially dead, but that doesn't account for the X-Ray view of him.

Plus, he makes everyone on earth just like him? That's weeeeird, even for Doctor Who. Plus David Tennant's regeneration process was...not very epic. I'm glad Donna's grandpa lived, but honestly, David Tennant was cooler than him. Plus, once he gets hit with whatever nuclear particles, he travels around for a long time.

The whole 2-parter seemed like an insufficient end to David Tennant. Your guy's thoughts?
The Master's revival went horribly wrong, which is basically permission for the CGI department to do whatever the heck they want, and that apparently included x-rays in this instance. The Master has always been a tad full of himself, so a whole planet full of him's probably didn't even strike him as odd.

As far as prolonged death by radiation, that's pretty much typical of nuclear warfare. Like Nine, every cell in Ten's body was dying, but in a much more random, a-bit-at-a-time way.

Definitely it seemed like an insufficient end, but that opinion has to be tempered with the question 'what would have been sufficient?' Nine also died in a two-parter, and you don't even realize he's gonna die until the end of the episode. So really, Giving the viewer almost two whole hours to come to grips with the fact that Ten is going to regenerate was extremely generous of the writers. So he's gone, and I wish he weren't, but I think the BBC gave him the best send-off they could: full of angst, just like Tennant can do so well.
I thought the end was a bit too angsty but still liked it anyway.
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Yeah, I thought the Doctor was too whiny about it. I mean, he's gone through this process nine times before. And we know it's not like actual dying. We've all seen it before. He always refers to it as just a sort of change or renewal. When the Tenth Doctor himself regenerated, he constantly pointed out to Rose that he was the exact same person.

It just felt like Davies complaining about being replaced, or something. I couldn't stand it. By the end of Part 2, I was glad to see Matt Smith.

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