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I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and my whole family is addicted to it. My father has been watching it since it came to existence. I believe I was meant to watch Doctor Who. My birthday happens to be the anniversary of Doctor Who.

My favorite Doctors so far are Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith). My favorite companions are Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyman). I wanna know who you like.

You can use this thread to debate on the Doctors, their companions, Torchwood and any episode. You can also post pictures you find or quotes you like as well. I would love to hear from you guys.
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i loved the tenth doctor && martha jones. because i just started watching that season && i felt sooo bad for martha. i think i cried when she had to leave. i had soo much hope that ten would feel the same way. lol. ;o;
river is my favorite companion. especially when she's with eleven.

martha's my least favorite.

but nine is my favorite doctor.
Donna was my favorite companion.

But he does seem to be a bit more attached to them than he used to be. He dumped Sarah Jane in the wrong place for crying out loud.
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My favourite Doctor is Ten & my favourite companion is Donna.
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Favorite Doctor is a tie between Three and Ten, with Nine being a very close second. As far as companions, it's either Rose, or Three's Companion Jo Grant. She had the CUTEST wardrobe ever and was just wonderful. heart
Despite the fact that I'm cosplaying Eleven, Ten and Nine are actually my favorites. Then there's Eleven, of course.

My favorite companion is Donna. And do I have to choose a least favorite? Because I love them all. heart gonk
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Donna is my favorite companion. I love her energy and big heart. The first episode I ever saw with her, I couldn't stand her and when my boyfriend told me she was going to be a companion I was like gonk but now I miss her emo

My favorite doctor is the 10th, but as far as I can see, they all have fantastic style ;P
Fezzes are cool whee
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I like Amy Pond, because she's Scottish.
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My favorite Doctor, out of the new series, is the ninth Doctor, and my favorite companion is a tie between Rose and Donna.
mines the 11th and 10th

i like Rose and Amy

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