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Which is your favourite CLASSIC Doctor?

First (William Hartnell) 0.10491803278689 10.5% [ 32 ]
Second (Patrick Troughton) 0.036065573770492 3.6% [ 11 ]
Third (Jon Pertwee) 0.081967213114754 8.2% [ 25 ]
Fourth (Tom Baker) 0.38032786885246 38.0% [ 116 ]
Fifth (Peter Davison) 0.11803278688525 11.8% [ 36 ]
Sixth (Colin Baker) 0.052459016393443 5.2% [ 16 ]
Seventh (Sylvester McCoy) 0.068852459016393 6.9% [ 21 ]
Eighth (Paul McGann) 0.15737704918033 15.7% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 305 ]
hows yall doing?
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Timid Student

Hi Barny. I am good thanks.
Ditto. Have you seen any of the old episodes of Doctor Who?

Yeah I used to watch it when I was little but that was ages ago I can barely remember much about the old episodes sad
wow i like the gaia versions
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Timid Student

It does not matter, Gothek. Everyone seems to be on about the new ones these days. Me too, Barny.
woolie o on msn i got stuff to send you
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Timid Student

More? Okay. Doctor Who, I hope.
Well, I'm here, but I can't add anything to the discussion right now. I'm trying to figure out how to get my poster finished. XD
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Timid Student

Okay. I wish there was a Doctor Who NPC.
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Timid Student

I cannot believe, yet I can, that Doctor Who's first purpose was to be an educational programme.
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coolness, I'll definately have to browse about when i get the time
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Timid Student

Hi and okay. It is cool whee .
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Who's your Favorite Doctor, anyway?
*hops in* Heeeey guys! I'm kinda obsessed with Doctor Who. Gonna make a spoof of it with my friends.
To be honest, I've only seen one or two of the older episodes, because it was canceled before I was born. The ones I have watched were awesome though.
My favourite doctor is Tom Baker or maybe David Tennant.
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Timid Student

My favourite is Tom Baker. I cannot fit this into my siggy:

I <3 the Doctor

Gaia will not let me crying .

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