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Share your views on the latest episode.
I'll go first.
I think it was something like
User Image
User Image
User Image
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I've gone from
User Image

to this
User Image

River called him a psychopath
and I really did cry.
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I'm still iffy on it. Like, I thought it'd be so more much heart wrenching than it was. What I really need to do is watch this season's episodes so far straight through in one go and make a few connections, because I feel like there was so much that I missed that was important here. A few things I really enjoyed: the baby angels, Rory acknowledging how much he dies, and the damn good acting at the end there.

Augh augh ugh.
gross sobbing does not even begin to explain how i reacted
The Doctor is a jerk
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* wipes away buggery nose and mesy eyes* I don't even know of a gif that can even beging to explain how sad and messed up that ending was
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I was like"OMG what the hell". Then I was like "well thats sad" Then when he went to get the last page from the book, and put on her glasses I was like" OMFG Im nearly crying"
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Honestly.....I've been awaiting this episode.
He NEEDS a new companion. Amy and Rory.....just weren't that good of companions. The first season witht hem was no longer Dr. Who. It was "The Amy and Rory Show, starring Dr. Who."

I don't agree with the ending. But at least they were together.

EDIT: I'll admit I got a little teary when Amy told him to go to her younger self.....but GEEZ, am I the only person who didn't cry?
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I didn't cry too much. Just a little.
But oh my gosh.
The Statue of Liberty.
I shat my pants.
Oh my gosh.
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Heart...broken...but not because it wasn't awful...
I was getting tired of Amy honestly but I still like her way more then Rose and didn't want her to die and especially Rory cause he's my baby /tear

There were a lot of feels I don't think I have a handle on yet....those gifs are legit me.
at first i was like
User Image

then i was like
User Image

now im like
User Image
I cried for Adric. I was sad for this but since it was all leaked that it was their last episode it didn't shock tears from me as such.
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To many feels for one episode.
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I cried.

Multiple times.

I'm unusually emotional tonight and this episode really got me.
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Basically this episode has just wrecked me
like gross sobbing is an understatement
more like and you cry and your tears are also crying until finally you're drowning in an ocean of sad and 'wow ******** everything i am going to ruin myself and everything around me right now until its all as dead as i feel inside'
that's somewhere on the right track to what's going on with me right now.

then again not only was I already pretty terrified of the Angels, but there's also like sentimental value IRL involved with Amy and Eleven and these past 3 series. Sigh.

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