For those who are having trouble with the lite fishes not dying, the reason is because of an error that report all fishes to have a 1 month lifespan. The different fishes actually have different lifespans ranging from 4 to 10 weeks. Sorry for the confusion!

Here's the list of lite fishes and their lifespan:
4 weeks Squid [lite]
4 weeks Gwee Horse [lite]
4 weeks Mr. Cooks [lite]
4 weeks Cuttlefish [lite]
4 weeks Seahorse [lite]
4 weeks Mr. Pinchi [lite]
6 weeks Octopii [lite]
6 weeks Lazor Fish [lite]
6 weeks Knight Fish [lite]
6 weeks Dark Knight Fish [lite]
6 weeks Ninja Fish [lite]
6 weeks Nautilus [lite]
6 weeks Starfish [lite]
10 weeks Turtle [lite]
10 weeks Watermeat [lite]
10 weeks Droops [lite]
10 weeks Momo the Monkey [lite]
10 weeks Kiki Catfish [lite]
10 weeks Coco Catfish [lite]
10 weeks Memphis the Mermaid [lite]