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I'm just swinging by with a quick update on behalf of our Dev friends.....

You've probably noticed by now, but we've switched it so that when you sell an item, the drop-down menu defaults to "Buy Only" (since the majority of sellers use that option).
Another exciting day for mysql databases.

Around 12:30 PM PST we had a database overload due to a poorly optimized query. Generally, this isn't the end of the world - we can usually quickly isolate and fix the query and get things back up and running. However, today, the affected database ended up completely hung, which prompted us to fail over to the backup database. The backup database ended up being out of sync with the master database, prompting us to fully disable the item related features on this db cluster - marketplace and trading.

We are taking the safe road and leaving the features disabled until we can get the main db back up and running without issue. This will ensure that there will be minimal or zero item loss and duplication. This process is expected to take many hours, which means we will have these features turned back on tomorrow. Until then expect full downtime for Marketplace and Trading.

Once again, we apologize for the down time on these popular features. It hurts us too sad . With this plan, however, I do not anticipate any damage to inventories or gold. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I will update the thread if we get any more information before then.
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Another update on behalf of the devs:

Some of you saw a bug with the marketplace watchlist where you could only see 1 page of items (if you had more than 1, you could go to page 2, 3, etc., but the items would stay the same). This has now been fixed.
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The "Extended Search Disabled" message means that we had to run off searches/listings that show more than 500 results (we show the first 500, but not 501, 502, ...).
The marketplace is growing and it's starting to hurt the databases on the other features of the site. We had to limit the amount of processing done by the marketplace (so we no longer calculate searches larger than 500).

I am working on a patch which includes:
  • better messaging (explains a little about the error)
  • A way to sort tokens / tickets / etc. by either "price per item" OR "total auction price" (which means you can sort by 0.76g rather than just 76g for a 100 token auction)
  • Your # of listings per page will be saved on the server (if you click "20", "50", or "100"... the server will remember it and your listings will always show that # per page until you change your preference --- or logout)
  • Possibly a link to another (more narrow) search that will get you what you want (if we can guess what you're looking for)
  • Other small HTML fixes for that page

Until my fix is applied, you can:
  1. sort by price (from cheapest to most expensive),
  2. view the first 500,
  3. then search for the same thing with the minimum price set to the price of the most expensive of the first 500

I'm sorry if you're a commodity trader (i.e. you frequently vend tickets, tokens, flowers, paper trash, bugs, inks, etc.) I understand that this bug affects you most and I'm working hard on getting the marketplace to sort by "price per item" to make up for the issue.

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