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I like how we'll be able to view more items. Really like it. Though I still miss that bookshelf appearance from the very first shops crying
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How about you start with giving us the garage sale update? =D I'm sorry. >.<;

I'm going to whole heartily agree with Mindset on the colour sorting feature. Personally, I'd appreciate having some spot on the page dedicated to selling our items (perhaps also filter out items that can't be sold back?) because selling and buying new items tend to go hand in hand for me. I'll be a lot more reluctant to sell if I have to look through my inventory and find items scattered throughout that I no longer use anymore.

To be honest, besides the tabs now being on top along with stores being placed on top I don't see any real change/improvement. sad
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not liking that at all....and why remove the sellback feature? it's always been there and loading through the inventory takes at least a minute and often when I try it through the inventory, it moves the item to a random place nearby in my inventory....leave the sellback alone...... crying
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MUST everything on the site be aesthetaically sterile? Good gawd!

Also please keep in mind that some people are HALF-BLIND. Making the icons too small is a pain - as is the damned white you people seem to like too much! And it will be a pain in the arse for some items to be sold back to the shop from the inventory arranger as there is no way to see that multiple game items such as fish and tokens does not show their value for multiples. So I agree with keeping the sellback at the stores IN the stores. I know it would be a pain because as is said by the OP, it makes more room for more store items to be sold. However...

Other than that, it seems fine.

        I liked the shop lists better how they are now, off to the right hand side.

        - Too much white, my poor eyes! crying

        - I can't find a "sort by newest" "sort by price" option, will they still be there?

        -Also, I can hardly get the Inventory arranger to even work half the time so, being able to sell back through the shops is a must for me. D:
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I'd like it if the currency of the price shown would toggle depending on what store the user was in, but it looks like only enough room for cash was left. Which is disappointing, because I know I'm never going to look at the cash prices in a gold store.

And while usually I am a fan of simplicity, I do agree that the setting for the items is just too stark in this mock-up. Even simple design elements like shapes and/or gradients in the background to make the items pop and the prices more readable would be an improvement.
A cart would be nice. smile Sometimes buying one item at a time can be annoying.
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I hope this doesn't come out as a POPOUT like the cash shop.
I really prefer that it sticks to the page, like it is currently.
Also, it looks pretty and neat I guess.
Items being bigger and easier to see.
However, I still wish you'd improve on the interface more than the "face".

I prefer you ENABLE the ability to sellback more than one item.
Because that feature currently sucks arse T__T

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As others have said: Ye gods at the white space! gonk I appreciate the idea of making it less difficult for the highly uncoordinated or very visually impaired to click on the wrong item, but seriously, that's a bit excessive. confused

And I have never, in the three years I've been on the site, liked having to arrow through the shop list to find the shop I want, which is why I try to use the navigation menu as much as possible now (unless the shop I want is currently visible or only one or two clicks away). Why not just make a bar across the top listing every shop? So long as the icon's big enough to be recognizable (and the ones in that mockup are a bit small), a fixed width of 768 minus whatever space is needed for vertical ads should be more than sufficient. Make it two (or even three) rows if necessary, but for the love of all that is good, get rid of the excessive and unnecessary clicking! whee It's not like you're limited with vertical space except by the need to minimize scrolling to a tolerable level. Hell, put the shop list in an iframe if necessary. It would be ugly as sin against the rest of the layout, but at least it would get rid of the unnecessary clicking. You could even move the shop banner below the shop list for optimal effect/efficiency.

If the store navigation doesn't change to a single/multi row layout (as needed), at least make it so it scrolls without having to click? That doesn't look like flash to me in that mockup, so I have no idea if it's doable, but it's a thought.

And another as-everyone-else-is-saying: Keep the sell back. Until the inventory arranger is fixed/update/rewritten, selling from the arranger ******** up more often than not or takes forever (mine typically takes 3+ minutes to load fully), if it even works to begin with. Which isn't to say that this should be used as an excuse to not retain item sell back in the shops and tell people to just wait until the arranger's fixed (and who knows when that will happen), but rather that a lot of people still prefer the shops for selling stuff because it's faster and more straightforward. You go to a business to sell stuff (Are all gaia's shops pawn shops?), not your closet.

As for previews: Front/Back, Clothed/Unclothed, like in Skin Tyte, except it should use whatever temp information is currently saved with your avatar cache (or whatever it is that the system uses when you use the equip page and haven't saved yet). The current method of front only standing default makes it impossible to see how an item would look if you're trying to put together an outfit that only works when you're turned around and kneeling, and Skin Tyte's method, while a vast improvement over the preview method used everywhere else on the site, does not take into account the kneeling pose.

Alternatively, perhaps this could bring up an overlay preview window (I don't know the name for it, but like is used with the CS) with the standard pose options available on the equip page (facing, stand/kneel, arm pose) that allows you to preview all the poses for the item being looked at while allowing you to change the basic positions of your avatar. This would obviously be more work, but would probably be much better in the long run than simply minor tweaks to the current preview system. Maybe it could even be migrated to the CS and market. ninja

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I do wish they WOULD fix the damned arranger BEFORE they "fix" anything else! This is gonna be a pain in the arse for a lot of people unable to sell back to shops from their inventories.
Keep the item exchnage: it helps out newbies who want to make ink for tattoos.

Create a Multiple Item sellback: allow us to sell as many shop items as we want in a box like Trade, then click on "sell items". What would be the hard part is Gaia processing info. of many items leaving Gaia at once and GOld entering the economy simultaneously.
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sad i'd like if sellback stayed in the shops. i've never used it from anywhere else (i didn't even know you could sell back from anywhere else).
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I would love this new layout to the shops it looks clean crisp and professional that is how a shop should look. I like that the Items show up larger and apparently so do the NPC's. Great job Gaia developer team great job.
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I'd rather the sellback feature remained. My inventory requires patience to load which is not what I'm looking for when looking just looking to quickly sell whatever headwrap I got in DC
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It's too white ...

I wouldn't be inclined to 'window shop' if I had to sit through so many white pages to get there.

The icons look too small right now but that could just be because this is in a preview.

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