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a back veiw would be awesome
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- storefronts for bank & marketplace

YES!!! crying heart

I pray when this happens you please re-incorporate Meredith's Bank front again so her fans can see her full artwork and click on here to hear her "Talk To" phrases again. Many Gaians nowadays aren't even aware of Meredith's existence, and since she has been around since Gaia's early days I find this a shame. sad

And is there any chance you could make Ivan the Marketplace's NPC? I mean, it'd be pretty funny in my opinion, since he's all about taxation and is Meredith's cousin and such. rofl

*My suggestions:
1. We've seen art updates for the other NPCs, but why aren't Old Man Logan and Becky getting new looks? I mean, I know you couldn't really mess with Becky's clothing scheme much since that's the Gold Mountain employee uniform, but her hair, look, pose, SOMETHING. And of course Logan wouldn't be a very hard one to toy with to come up with a new look. Hope to see Logan and Becky on the updated NPCs roster soon! And of course there's The Faktori robots. I don't think you could mess with their designs since they seem pretty stable, but fresher art would be appreciated by their fans I'm sure.

2. Weapons Shop and Music Shop! gonk
Please dear god tell me the staff is listening on this one. Users have been requesting a shop that sells weapons for avatars and a shop that sells instruments for avatars for YEARS. Since Gaia's late 03 early 04 days, and I was very dissapointed to hear that neither of these shops are on the current lineup of shops staged to be released soon. So I ask you PLEASE make these a priority. Perhaps we could see them released by the next Summer Event in 2010?
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