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      ⟣˳Great updates! Can't wait to see the new NPC's & outfits an' such!

x.Cypher, The Cake Pirate
How about trying on more than one pose?
heart i soooooo agree we should b able 2 move our hand and arms in other direction dont u think
more eyes and hairs i no they just updated it but i mean they should have really long hair 4 girls ....really long and shagy long hair 4 girls and alot mor 4 boys and girls sweatdrop
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It looks like the Salon now shows all colors when you enter it! Thanks for getting that done. heart

I have a small suggestion now for the "Learn ______'s Story" links. At the moment, those links just point to one manga -- but a lot of those NPCs have far more developed stories than that.

Now I notice that the NPCs are getting more informative profiles these days. (Much thanks to whomever's working on that, it's awesome.) So far, we have Moira, Rufus, Edmund, and Nicolae. (Rina and a few others have brief About Me's and some customization, but not as good as they could be.)

I think that the profiles should link to the mangas/minicomics, and that the "Learn about"s in the shops should link to the profiles. smile
If we can save avis how well does that go along with saving inventories?
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outfits should be coming today!
Cypher The Cake Pirate
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      ⟣˳Great updates! Can't wait to see the new NPC's & outfits an' such!

x.Cypher, The Cake Pirate

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I do like how more items will be viewable at once.

Though- it'd be nice if sellback was made a bit more convenient.
I agree exactly

I'm offering wed to darkness, you offer back? :3
umm... like... kewl? xD

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