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Andromeda Phoenix
Are there really more items being displayed there? It seriously looks like all that's changed is you made the shop logo's smaller and the shop items bigger and more spaced out.

There is.

Currently its 30 items per page. This screenshot displays 48. So its not a huge number, but its still a bunch more items per page.

Oh, alright then. That's a pretty good improvement.
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The arranger's sell back works sporadically and mostly badly for me, I'd be very aggravated if I couldn't sell back to the shops. A multiple sell back would be great, too.

A little too much white as everyone is saying, and a 'shop' graphic behind it would be great.
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I like the new layout of the page and how many items will be shown per page. I'll agree with others about there being a lot of white though, but it's not a huge deal to me. And I've always sold items from the inventory arranger when I go to clean out the DC junk and sort more recent items so the sell back feature being moved is fine with me.
I like it alot :3 and mabey you can have a bigger inventory box too :3
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It's not that bad. mrgreen
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I like it. Viewing more items per page and the clean and updated UI is nice, however, can that vast area of blank white area behind the shop items get some kind of unique store background? It would cut down on Gaia's massive surplus of blank white area and also give yet another touch of personality to each store.

The other thing, that probably has nothing to do with this particular update, is if the stores could be organized eventually? As in, each store having it's own theme instead of "o hay we had a bathroom item update, so Edmund will now stock some lovely towels and toothbrushes next to his tuxedo selection :3" It's confusing to use the shops for me, and I've been here since 03 D: I imagine it's worse for a new user.
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I don't agree with taking away half of the 'store' function and usually if I'm buying, I'm also selling.

Also, the items appear to be far to apart. Not to mention the large amount of white. :[
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Nice, but I like it how it is now....
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Damn it, pirula, stop spamming the SF with your request for feedback threads. mad (J/K)

I want to suggest that you condense the item table so that the items aren't so spaced out, and add two stores to the "Browse Shops" scroller since theres empty space there. I REALLY hope if you condense the table that you can bring back the sellback feature for stores page, not just because I've been selling my s**t that way for 4 years, but because its easier than having my invo take 10 minutes to load just to sell one thing! Also, not everyone has such large screens, so it would be better for them to not have to scroll left and right.

User Image
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I like the lay out but I won't be completely happy until they add a shopping cart and a check out point
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Looking good! A few recs and notes:

  • Expand the size of the browse shops bar a bit - the icons are currently too close to the size of the item thumbnails. Also, unless the icons of the shops are redone, you're going to lose quality there by shrinking them to that size.
  • I hope the shop logos also stay a good size and quality - it would be a real shame to lose the artwork of Back Alley Bargains, say.
  • Ow, the whitespace. As people have said, perhaps some kind of translucent image behind the items? Maybe something using some reference to the old storefronts?
  • I like the little NPC image on the "Talk to" button - will the shops with multiple NPCs have multiple buttons and images like that?
  • The top tab bar is good, and reflective of the inventory/arranger setup -- but so far you've only shown us Mirai's shop. A typical clothing shop has "Hats-Tops-Bottoms-Shoes-Accessories-Items" - there enough room for that? What about in the salon, which has color tabs? What about the "New" and "By Price" tabs, will they exist, or at least will their sorting options exist somewhere?
  • Speaking of, now would be a good time to add more sorting besides "new" and "by price". "By color" would be amazing, though of course you'd have to build in a color tag of some kind...
  • As others have said, I'm hoping the display will show gold prices for the gold shops. Is there enough room for very high prices, though? It looks like you only have enough room for 3 digits right now.
  • Regarding the exchanges: no major requests. But giving it the same modality as seen in the inventories would be a great help; currently the links aren't tabbable and are kind of annoying in how you have to go through 3 pages to exchange things.

One big note - previews. Now would be a great time to implement the "backwards" and "clothes removed" options. In case the newer devs don't recall some of their older, more obscure code, those options are visible in the tattoo exchange, and can be seen by adding "&facing=back" or "&unequip=1" (or a combination) to the preview image url. (You can see an example and a bookmarklet in my journal.) Please don't implement the marketplace or Cash Shop preview code, it doesn't work with those options. However, the ability to see the different poses of multi-pose items would also be very helpful.

Can't wait to see what comes next, and hope you take at least some of the user feedback. smile
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Its far too white and sterile, the excessive spacing between the icons makes that worse.

I don't like that we are going to have to sell via our inventory, I've experienced times where it can take two minutes to sell a single item because of Gaia generally being slow. If you are selling multiple at once it takes a while.

I have to question why is there still no shopping cart option? Buying and selling more than one item at a time would speed things up immensely. Especially where Phin Phang is concerned, buying multiple fish is a slow process.

Sunset Couture - the MTV shop, it hasn't had any updates in some time - so are we to presume the sponosrship with MTV has ended? If so, couldn't the shop be removed and the gold items put in to Gambino Outfitters and the cash items put in the cash shop?
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As long as sellback is convenient, I'll have to wait and see how that works, but other than that I'm liking the new layout, less pages to flip through.
1. To spaced out, and to much blank space.
2. Can we got more organization for our inventory to look for stuff, which in the store menu?
3. Do NOT make selling stuff back through your inventory the only option, I sell back to the stores because going through the inventory is a pain.
4. Keep the store logos recognizably sized, they are apart of gaia and deserve some special attention.
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I really want the sellback to be more conveinent then in our inventory. Other then that do what you please. Though honestly- I think that layout sucks. To much white space and the area is WAY to large.

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