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Me..I like the gothic elegant style...with a open collar and long sleeves..like the #0000FF Complex Shirt M...and I like tripp cloths...with chains...on the pants...

ya exactly wat i was going to say lol not to many chains on pants
i rely like the dark halo thats my most favorit item
hi i'm new kinda can Gaia give me gold gonk
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Ooh, I like the current hitlist of future updates! <3 Sounds great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys do!
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      ⟣˳"Change your eyes" I had to laugh. The first thing I thought was how everyone complains about how there's too much white or how big/small everything is. So I thought you where making a crack at having people get their eyes checked xd

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I like it!
It would also be nice if the NPC's were updated as well though..... 3nodding

I agree. The "talk to <NPC NAME>" button seems a little outdated when nothing new is being said. I remember when there were NPC quests that were started from the shops. That would be fun to bring back from time to time.

oh and i would like to be able to talk or atleast see the names of fellow gaians in the shop directory aka in front of a store, ive seen some nice avvi's and i dont even know their names !

That's a good idea.

zero ******** said:
this is great User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. they are listening to us!User Image
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I would really be happy if I could preview at least an expensive skin before I buy it and change clothes in the dressing room. Sometimes my avatar is too cluttered to see anything but i don't like removing all of my items, going back, trying on something and then redressing. (Which is often why I simply like to window shop in real life too. sweatdrop Trying on clothes is so much work.)
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Is the reason I can no longer visit the EI museum because I'm still too new? It's annoying to have to visit the MP and search for each new update. Please tell me this isn't a permanent change! crying
What??? 9000???
i mostly post well cus gettin gold lol 3nodding

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