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And here I had this grand daydream that the shop layout updates were going to get back to a more oldskool RPG-ish omg!drawn!backgrounds look instead of blank white space all around. You know, "NPC shops" feel instead of "user interface". Oh well. emo
I like it, especially having more items per page and having the price visible without having to hover over or click on the item. Though, I do have a question about that - Will the other shops such as Barton Boutique have the gold price for the items listed along with the icon, or is the GC price going to be the standard for all stores?

I also like the new store navigation bar and how there are more shops visible - it saves a lot of time scrolling through the list trying to find a particular store.

As for future updates, I'd like to see the item preview from the back as well as the front, like what Skin Tyte currently has. This would be especially useful for the salon so that we can see how the hairstyle looks from the back and how it works with the items already equipped (like if there are any weird layering glitches).
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I like the buttons up top as opposed to the scrolling larger pictures of the stores but really don't like not having a sellback option when I'm in the stores.
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The white background is a bit too sparse. Could a simple textured background be added? The shopkeeper side is nice though

However, the navigation to the other stores is too close to the banner ad. Some users are having trouble with the ads from outside sites and it seems like an accidental click to disaster waiting to happen.

Perhaps center it a bit more? *dodges Graphic Design handbook*
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I love it!! It's very clean and modern and goes with the avatar and inventory update better!!
...It's that moment in life when you actually feel alive
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I want to see more picture behind the shop keepers please. Perhaps a tranlucent background behind the items?
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oh hey, that looks great! but, can't the items be a little closer together?

i love the top and sides, but the middle part looks way too spaced out and blank in comparison to everywhere else on the page.
I agree with redEight on the idea of a textured background to the item-area... or maybe just set a tiled texture to behind the item-area...

can the navigation bar be extended a bit? (maybe even stretch all the way across the top and move what you have next to it now to be below it)
we have a lot of shops, and it looks a little cramped up there... almost as if someone designed the rest of the layout but at the last second realized "oh crap, I forgot to give a way to get between stores! i'll just stick this over here"

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Are there really more items being displayed there? It seriously looks like all that's changed is you made the shop logo's smaller and the shop items bigger and more spaced out. Add a touch more color please, maybe a transparant background behind the items; you guys are loving these bland layouts. A .gov website has more color. gonk

Why can't sell items just remain a feature of the inventory and the store? Some people don't look at their inventories 'cause the whole loading process freezes their computer for a good five minutes. At least consider those people. I don't see any reason why a "Sell items" tab can't go next to the other tabs along the top.
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Andromeda Phoenix
Are there really more items being displayed there? It seriously looks like all that's changed is you made the shop logo's smaller and the shop items bigger and more spaced out.

There is.

Currently its 30 items per page. This screenshot displays 48. So its not a huge number, but its still a bunch more items per page.
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I like it. It looks nice and clean. But why are you getting rid of the exchange links? That defeats half the purpose of Skin Tyte, you know. And an exchange we can't use just means we're piling up even more useless trash items than usual. (It would also be nice if the ticket granting thing on Wordbump actually worked again.)
I DO NOT like what will happen with the 'sell item' feature. I'd much prefer if there was a button that read 'sell item(s)' and when the button was clicked, multiple items couls be sold at one time.
I agree about there being too much white space.

Also, is the only way to sell items going to be through the arranger then? Because that doesn't work for me most of the time. It takes an awful long time to load, when it doesn't just break my browser instead. I can't really use it.
Multiple item sellback please. neutral
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Every update gaia is getting whiter and whiter. I really really dislike this because of that. I don't trust the sell items back to shops form our inventory thing, and the scroll bar to get from shop to shop looks like crap.
Plus, that window is gonna be HUGE on small browser windows like 600x800
I do hope this will allow us to sell back items we can't get rid of otherwise such as flowers, bugs, octopus on our heads...

It seems sleek and simple, which is always good. But I'm rather tired of how white Gaia is. It's rather glaring and bad for my eyes.

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