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I think it looks kind of bland, like xiridian said.
But it has a better organization.
I like selling my items back to the shops better. I have a lot of mules and when I'm selling the little stuff they get from daily chance, I just go to the store and sell it all there. It's a pain to go to their inventory and sell it back that way. I also have a big inventory and it takes a long time for it to load, so it'll take forever for me to sell back just a couple items that are on the second page of my inventory.
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Standing out in a crowd is easier

I like it. The spaces between the items are a bit large for me, but other than that I think it looks pretty good. align]

When your originality isn't bought from a store
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I made a thread in February about me selling back stuff the shops and exchanging tattoos.

A shopping cart, especially for tattoos would be great. Say I want to buy 50 of the same item or the same tattoo at one time, then it would make it much much easier on me.

Also, say I want to sell 50 item in my inventory at the same time, it would be wonderful. I can choose what to sell back, instead of getting a warning that I have been loading pages too fast and can be banned for botting :[
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I really like the idea of the expressions changing and there at least being a border around the shops to reflect the shops personalities a little more. Now all they need is a GIANT SHOP ITEM UPDATE to go with the revamping. =) XD
I really like the idea of the expressions changing and there at least being a border around the shops to reflect the shops personalities a little more. Now all they need is a GIANT SHOP ITEM UPDATE to go with the revamping. =) XD

I agree. I have to say, it looks kind of bland as it currently stands. It's a good idea and it's nice to see something that makes use of the larger screens we have nowadays, but it does look a tad lacking.

Perhaps if the icons were larger and if you had a background in the items to show as if it's on a shelf, or perhaps something that's relevant to the shop would REALLY make it shine. Like having a fake store picture in the background for each of the places to make it feel like you're actually going to a store. Currently, it looks like a bunch of bland boxes lazily put together (though that's clearly not the case).
I like it. It looks clean and we can see more items at once. Good job Gaia.

Now on with shop updates!!
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Another idea. For the background when we're trying on the items, can we have something like the avatar equip page and have the option to turn the background off? I absolutely hate the background and the colors get in the way when I'm trying to view things.

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I'm a gaian now...

...and i will be a gaian forever, until i get bored of this site ^^;

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maybe your avatar should respond to what these npcs are saying? its an i dea but not sure if its a good one...
The separation between items is a little disconcerting. Y'should consider putting them just a tad closer together and you'd fit more items (extra row and column, maybe?) on one page.
I like the scrolling system at the top; much more streamlined and convenient (or at least it looks that way; will have to see how the coding works).
I'm also pleased with the sellback system. It'll take me a while to get used to, since I'm so used to going to shops to sell, but it's a great idea. Maybe leaving them in both places (inventories and shops) wouldn't be a bad idea. Just for convenience., Some users are used to the old way, and with all the complaints about the new layout, I think it'd renew at least a little hope in some of them to let some simple things alone.

And on to the user suggestions:
Colorful: be careful with it please, so as to not make items blend in with the background.
Reorganizing items: excellent. It's tricky trying to sift through all the shops whenever new clothing sets are released, especially when the items don't seem to match with the shop's "feel".
Preview: maybe just have a small popup window with a more compact version of the Avatar page? Or maybe even some "flash popup" (I don't know what they're called) with the same, like the Cash Shop?
Shopping cart: yes please. Maybe a "selling cart" too, with this multisell feature being added anyway?
Search: YES. But do work on updating the keywords on the marketplace, then you can just use the same ones and keep people satisfied.
Color sort: I hadn't thought of that, but great idea.
How it works is when you view an item in inventory (not arranger) there will be buttons to 'equip', 'gift' or 'sellback' the item. Does this change anything for you, since it is not on the arranger? Does it still sound like too much of a pain?

Not too sure about that sell back feature. Might sell back the wrong thing, So hopefully there is something there to safe guard that.
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Back to town button. Please. DX
I WOULD love it if you have a sell back option, again.

Also a preview of the item.

Space between the items is really... throwing everything off.

Needs more color.
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I would love to have the old shop feel back, it went away soon after I joined and I missed it. I love the bigger icons, would love it if they were even bigger!

And please please PLEASE put gold shop items back in Back Alley Bargains! I liked the way it was before, I hate how it is now. ;_;
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Shatora Dragondore
you reskinned the avi dress up page thats it! the shops should look different then our dressing room

This. I'd like to be able to tell where I am.

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