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I love it.
I especially love the NPC avatars, and the NPC moods.
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i LOVE the idea of each shop having a different header background that makes us look like we're standing in the shop. it's relatively easy to implement, and will bring back some of that "in-world" feel.

i don't understand why people are complaining about the difficulty of moving from one shop to another. we have a drop-down menu with ALL the shops listed at once. how much simpler can it get than that?

i would still really like to see the items appear a bit closer together, more like how they're positioned in our inventory or in the current shop arrangement. and i wouldn't mind being able to buy items i can't wear as long as it's made clear which items i can't wear... i would hate to finally see flannel shirts in the store, and then buy one only to realize "oh... it hasn't actually been unisexed yet." since all items are being unisexed eventually anyway, i would think this is the sort of thing that we can just deal with a bit of inconvenience until all items are unisex and the point will be moot anyway.
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it looks very nice!
The only flaw I can think of, though, is the prices under the item logos. For Phin Phang, it seems to be ok, withb the GC being the only form of purchase. But how would it look in a gold-shop? Would you only show the GC-value of an item? And if you show the gold values, how will you fit some of the more expensive values under those little boxes? (Same if you were to use both GC and Gold...)

Also... perhaps some sort of watermarked-background can be added behind the items? To make it look a little less... white...
And I see how this is mentioned in Salon Durem, (and if I have missed this, don't mind me) but can there be the option of color-sorting in the other shops as well? I know I would find it particularly convenient...
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Oh! Oh! I've got it!

For intershop navigation, you've got the quickbar, but what about an option to pull out a grid view. Then you could see all the shops at once, easily and clearly.
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Since you mentioned the preview-

For future reference, a remove equipped items and reverse view would be lovely.

I agree! I like being able to view the item with what I have equipped, but sometimes it is nice to view the item without what I am currently equipped (especially if there are new items out) as the layering of my outfit can cover up the item I am previewing.

Also, as someone had mentioned in another thread, being able to trade in some of those unsellable/soulbound items would be nice. The overseer seems to be overloaded with a few items and has bestowed upon me a few too many Demon Lidless armor, the Leviathan/Regalia and not to mention Octos on my Head. If I could equip all those Octos I have received, I would be eaten alive!!! pirate
I don't think it would have to be for anything special, mabe a cheap random gold shop item (that could be sold if you already had one or didnt like that particular prize) or for like 25g/50g for a certain number of items (like 20/25).

And before anyone says it...
Storage is not always and option. My storage is already full of other items, like the receipes from zOMG.
A lot of these items are worthless on the MP too. 1g for an item that most of the Gaia users have themself is pointless. Or just allow us to sell them back to the gold shops for 1g a month or so after they are released.
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If you want to make it more shop like, then why not have a background behind everything?

You know how Ian's shop originally had it look like all the items were on shelves, and Rufus sat on a counter/desk thing?

The only part we really see of the shops now are the backgrounds of the NPCs. :/

Edit: If not that, then could it maybe so something like a catalog? I mean - the background/border of the items in the shop.

For instance, Phin's has a LOT of fish. So there's a catalog book with the fish and the list of prices. And you would go to the next page by "turning" the page (even if it's just arrows).

Here's a really bad example:

User Image
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As someone who enjoys the gold shops perhaps a little too much, I really appreciate the new sellback system. My arranger doesn't work (I think it's to do with my computer), and I have so, so, so many pages of items that finding anything in that little bitty shop sellback tab is a massive pain in the rear.

My only question is, how feasible would it be to subdivide a couple of the sections even more? For example, 'hats', 'accessories', and 'items' have a lot of overlap. Jewelery (including earrings) all goes under accessories, but the head-equip jewelery (save earrings) goes under hats, which can make it a bit of a pain to find matching jewelery when you have a few hundred items in each of the tabs. And masks all go under heads but the Mummy Mask is an accessory for some reason.

I, personally, would love to see a 'jewelery' tab. My accessories section is already so full of glasses, scarves, and other random things that go in there (since when would Oculus Mythica be an accessory?).
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Oh man. This is looking good.
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Can we have new art of the shopkeeper? Pleeeeeeeaaaaase? ;o; <333

Also: you know how when you browse the pages of the shop, it doesn't reload each time?
Can you please please please keep that, but make sure that the our inventories do the same thing? This would be so incredibly helpful. D:

And another also!
It would be entirely helpful if we can browse by color and by the type of item.
What I mean is, two sets of tabs in the clothing stores.






And out of these, you could chose one tab from the top, and one tab from the side, so that we can find it by both of them. I would die of happiness. D: <333
that upgrade for the shops looks pretty! Im really looking forward to the update!
To be honest the new shop design looks REALLY awful, it has completely taken away the 'store' feel....I actually prefered way back when the items were on shelves, couldn't you do something like that?

The rest of the update I like especially being able to sort by colour
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There are a lot of things I don't like about this layout. I'll start at the top and work m way down...

Shop Header. The shop header isn't wide enough to stretch across the entire page, don't force it to. Having it fade into white looks disgusting in my opinion.

Navigation Bar. Round, glossy buttons don't look very good with sharp pixelated corners. The arrow buttons on either sides look aweful with the rounded corners. Why does everything have to be rounded? A sharp, clean, square corner would be more appealing imo.

Store Section Nav Buttons. The entire site is slowly making a move to these types of buttons and they suck. Bring back our colours.

Space between items. There is too much empty space between the items. Halving the space between items will increase the number of items you can fit in each row too.

NPC Name tag area. The bg colour isn't a very good transition to the below area. Maybe put a counter top there???

So what do I like about this? I like the "talk to me" button. It looks nice.

Overall though, I'd have to say that this layout really bites the big one :
I think all that white space should be filled up. It makes it seem... bland. We don't Gaia to give the impression that it's bland, right? (;

Also, I nice update would to have the option to shop by color! I know that would be too much work, but hey, I can dream, right? xD
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It looks too spaced out. The items should be closer but I also miss the scroll screen on the side.
I have a concern with a couple of input posts that are requesting store items be put on shelves.

Apparently some time ago Gaia stores use to do this. I wasn't here then. So I don't know what it looked like. My concern is that it may make it difficult to view or identify items. There does come a point where you have too much going on and cause clutter. If there were a way for me to see what it use to look like or what the ones who are suggesting shelves are talking about, maybe it's not as bad as it sounds.

On other parts of the update:
I am looking forward to the NPC's having new things to say. Some of them say things that were outdated before I even joined Gaia. rofl

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, it's ok to add the option to sell from our inventories. There are times when that will be useful. Like right after I've opened a fish drop and would rather sell it back to a shop immediately rather than keep it or sell in the MP. But Please, please, please do not take the sell back feature out of the stores. My inventory is too large to be loaded every time I want to sell something. My equip section alone is two pages and I have to wait for every single one of them to completely load before I could sell something each and every time. Usually what I want to sell is the newest acquisitions from the DC. So it's nice to be able to go into a shop and hit the left back-arrow once and sell my stuff from that end.

Though I do have to acknowledge that my fear of sell-back from the "inventory" is because, for many many months, I have not been able to get into my "arranger" (which has a sell-back feature). And I guess I fear having problems with a massive inventory would also make a sell-back feature cumbersome there too. I've only just a day ago became able to get back into my arranger. And the time it takes to use this feature makes it daunting. So it makes me worry about the inventory too.

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