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This thread is to get your input on Shops & Dress-up page updates, and let you know about the changes we make in response.

EDIT 9/28: The thread is now locked to prevent spamming.

We have wrapped up the work on shops for now so that we can move on to forums and other features. Thanks to all the users who contributed ideas for features & UI! You helped tremendously to make sure the updates were valuable additions to Gaia.

previous updates & features delivered:
- Storefronts: The idea for this feature initially came out of some of your feedback about making it feel more "shop-ey"
- trash button to get rid of the stuff you can't sell back! user-suggested
- Shop UI update: background colors + NPC art & dialogue user-suggested
- organizing shop items user-suggested
- link to sell on the market from your inventory user-suggested
- automatic preview
- single item preview toggle user-suggested
- change your eyes user-suggested
- teal tab in Salon user-suggested
- automatic update to hair/eyes (do not have to save avatar)
- 'wear it' link after you buy an equippable item
- have the sort option stay once you choose it (if you choose 'show newest' then it will always show newest until you change it) user-suggested
- save outfits for your avatar user-suggested

Top User Sugggestions
(good ideas that we didn't have time for)
- preview skin
- preview back
- try on more than one item at a time
- sort by color
- search
- sell back/trash more than one item at a time
- shopping cart (buy more than one item at a time)
- put cash shop in the same template as other shops (decided not to do this, because some people like cash shop the way it is)
- sell male & female items (do not limit to avatar gender - include strong warnings though)
- some kind of inventory security feature to protect from hacking (export item list?)
- Click a mannequin to see what they are wearing
- make it so that you can chat with friends and shop together.... maybe someday in the distant future.....
- storefronts for bank & marketplace
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I do like how more items will be viewable at once.

Though- it'd be nice if sellback was made a bit more convenient.
Why do you have to change everything? It's too open, too much white space, and the logos are too tiny to me. The only thing I like is that the items appear to be larger. That's it.
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It looks fine like that, but I've no problem with the current way it shows now, either. I would like easier access to the other shops, the current interface is a bit of a pain.

What I WOULD like is for some of the NPC's to be updated! That poor gal in Prize and Joy is still talking about Johnny Gambino being missing. O.o;
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Ooh pretty. It matches the site layout a lot more. I like it. ;O

I'll miss the sellback feature in the shops though. I always sold my items that way...
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I like it smile
It's very clean looking
matches the rest of the site well
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Holy crap I love it! heart

I never sell any of my stuff via stores anyway, just click through the daily chance then my avi and through to the arranger.

My question is what about game items? I can only sell fish and stuff through the stores, will those now be able to be sold through the arranger?

20/m/fairytale romance land
How about trying on more than one pose?
Why do you have to change everything? It's too open, too much white space, and the logos are too tiny to me. The only thing I like is that the items appear to be larger. That's it.

User ImageUser Image

Change isn't your enemy. Still, I agree that there is far too much white space in that layout.

And in my own opinion, having the shop icons as large as the item icons is confusing and doesn't make them stand out as they should.
Do you plan on updating on what all the NPC's say as well? I know it's a small detail, likely low priority, but it'd be nice. Some of the NPC's still talk about the MASQUE as if the New Years party manga update just recently happened, even though it's been years since the New Years party event.

Overall I like the layout. But they're all too far speard apart. I agree with moresugarthanspice. Too much white.
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User Image

I agree with Sugar that there's too much blank space, but other than that, looks good. I like to be able to see more items at once. Maybe having the shop's icons a bit larger? 3nodding

User Image
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    The new look is simple and clean, as well from the looks of it will be more attractive and functional in the way of browsing.
    I do have one problem though with the sell back feature from both a technical stand point and an oldbie one.
    If the sell back turns into anything like the arranger version or is the one from the arranger I will never be able to sell anything other than on the marketplace. For started that system still does not work for me properly and as such I never go into it anymore.
    To be honest, the old sell back stopped working in Opera some time ago so I'd use another browser for selling.
    However if it will work like equipping an item but with a sell option involved I am all for that so long as it actually works.
    Now from the oldbie standpoint, removing the sell back feature from the stores will take away half off the "store" feel to them. Mind you most stores out there won't take random items from you but you could always return something, however that is besides the point.
    So, it's a toss up for me until I get a change to look at it live or something close.

    On an ending note, I'd also like to see the NPC be updated, they're horribly out of the loop it seems.
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I LOVE YOU GAIA!!! That looks so amazing!! I can't wait for it to be all working and stuff! XD That sounded so stupid, but I don't care 'cause I LOVE YOU!!! This just makes all ecstatic and giddy!! *does happy dance*

Stars shinning above, And the moon's beautiful glow, Mirrored in your eyes.
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since it's okay to suggest things for the preview..... DEFINITELY add an option to view how the item would look with all your other items unequiped. and maybe even what it would look like if your avatar had a different skin!
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Since you mentioned the preview-

For future reference, a remove equipped items and reverse view would be lovely.

Otherwise, I love how there are more viewable items, although the white space it a tad bright for my tastes, it doesn't bother me too much. Keep up the good work.

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