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I don't know if it's been suggested, but giving us the ability to preview all poses would be nice. XD
Hmm. I do like that the little icons are bigger. Although I think the icons for the other shops are way too little. It seems like they'd be really easy to overlook, especially if it was your first time looking at the shops.
And I do hope that that ugly white background can be changed to shelves. I really miss them. crying

I normally sell back my stuff through the Arranger, but it seems like selling them from the Inventory screen will work just fine. I've always hated selling stuff in the shops, so I'm not sorry to see it go.

Plot update? really? Oh, how exciting! biggrin

Overall, it's not bad sounding at all. Just that background.
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I think it looks really cute. <3 Is it possible to create a preview on the aquariums of how it would look if it were actually in your aquarium? I always like trying to find stuff that matches, but have a difficult time seeing them together without purchasing them.
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Okay, so for ideas to make it more "shoppy".. I was thinking that it won't effect the lay out of items if you just add more shop like qualities to the border.. for example the old shops had shelves and such, but you could just make it look like the border (instead of being lines) is the outside of a shelf, when just a light wood background. Or the "fish" view could look like the inside of an aquarium. Basically instead of putting a white background with an outline.. make it an image that the items are super imposed onto. Not something too distracting but that at least hints to an environment. You could just make it look like all the items are on pages of a magazine, and when you go to a new page there is a little animation of the page flipping XD Something like that

edit: Oh and why not keep the icons instead of writing out "fish" and "decorations"?
This sounds *awesome*. I can't wait to see when this change happens.

- Item Previews: Is there a way that *all* items can be previewed like how Tattoos are previewed? (Tattoos let you view your avatar front & back, and give the option of clothes on or off.)

*Please update the item exchanges? These could really use an update. It would make a great sink for the tons of Towns items we accumulate. There are lots of threads in Site Feedback on this subject. (I can try to find some.)

Has anyone considered letting us use Flowers, Trash, Ink, and Fish in Recipes in Back Alley Bargains?

If we used ink with pre-existing recipes, could we potentially 'customize' certain items? Example, you could have a Kokeshi Kimono Recipe, but add Blue Ink to it, and it would make a Blue Kokeshi Kimono. I'm not saying to let us color every item (plushies and NPC costume items [ex, Ian's Hat] wouldn't make sense), but some of the clothing items would be nice to have more color choices.
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I like that it's spaced out like that. I never did like it all cramped together.
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I'm stoked. In addition to the shop layout change, can we expect another goldsink?

As far as suggestions go, I'm not particularly fond of Flynn's cash shop setup. The pop up makes my computer lag really bad. In my opinion, it would be more convenient to set up her shop just like all of the other stores here on gaia. Would that be difficult to do?
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Will selling stuff back from the inventory arranger be gone all together? I like being able to sell away stuff I don't want at the same time I'm organizing. PLEASE let us sell multiple items away at once. Pretty please? crying

And yes, it would be nice if there were shelves and things like that to make it feel more shop-y and less just clicking through pages and pages of items.

And what about a trash bin? For unwanted items? I've heard about it in AtA a few times but it seems like stores and the arranger would be a good place for it.

And in the Salon especially, an option to take head items off would be cool. I remember when it did that by default and I liked it.
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Oh! Being able to sort the shops by town would be nice too.

There could be a "5th Town" for Sponsor Shops.

...And we could finally figure out where the heck La Victoire is.
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It looks pretty cool to me. Anything will be lovely.
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Looks nice . I wish we had a preview of someone trying on something .
Cube B
Oh! Being able to sort the shops by town would be nice too.

There could be a "5th Town" for Sponsor Shops.

...And we could finally figure out where the heck La Victoire is.

Cash Shops are on that Tapsjfposdjgopolis island from April 1st. xd
User ImageOMG ew. I got all excited because I saw a link to this in a journal, but seeing the image... I'mma go puke. User Image

All I ask, and PRAY is that we don't have to refresh the page every time we click on a link.

Also, I LOVE selling items in the stores. You're RUINING the world of Gaia by having us sell things in our inventory- seriously, what's the point? Who am I selling it to? Ruined. You can let us sell in inventories, but KEEP IT IN THE STORES.
This is a really cute idea, but the page that shows the items seems a bit industrial, for lack of a better word. Maybe, since backgrounds are being thought of, having either a faded version of the Town Flag or Store Logo be used? It'd be really refreshing to see with all the space between the items.
Ugly, like the rest of Gaia. I should have known you people would find yet one more thing to suck the life out of.

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