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Screamin angel face
who are we talking about is it that Rebecca girl cause i have no idea who we are talkin bout. plz do inform me about "her". i really would like to know sorry uf i changed the subject but iam real confused. neutral
it's the girl that sings the friday song on youtube there are a couple of links in this forum. might I suggest if you don't know who she is be kind to your ears and just forget about it. I wish I could unhear that song but that's just a wish now.
oh well she must be really bad then forget i asked sorry redface
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i'm not a professional singer by any means, but she really can't sing for shxt. when she says 'friday' she sounds like she's singing from her nose.

jus sayin.
she can pay for as many music lessons she needs, but it still doesnt change the fact that her voice is as annoying as ********. all nasally and s**t
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..well even IF she did to begin with, she kinda screwed herself over
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You're a teenage girl on an anime site, it almost screams, "World I can't sing."

Sorry, but being on "an anime site" doesn't determined if a person can sing or not.
Invalid argument.
She has an annoyingly nasally voice that is grating on my ears.
I prefer the Biebs over this girl. And that is saying a whooole lot, because I dislike him quite a bit as well.
Are there worse singers than her? Yes. But she is not gifted at all.
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lol such a big fuss over that one song!! >o< The fights over this song are starting to get out of hand!! o. e
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lol i laughed and was disturbed by the video....i should ask her if she sings with her mouth, or her nose
the fact that she came into the business by money is plain sad
and its REALLY sad that she didnt write the lyrics.....the rapper in th song wrote em
-.- and the sound was drunken with autotune
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I see my fraaaaaaaaaaaaanz!~

I've heard her acoustic in that one interview, she wasn't horrible, but she sings really nasally. It bothered me. :/
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Her actual voice sucks
Her autotuned voice sucks.


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