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She probably sings better without AT.

She sounds like a person with their nose plugged.
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Pretty well.

boom now you have aids
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OH MY. To all th
ose out there who have no bothered to seek out her true voice (ie her news interview) and are just hopping on the bandwagon and slamming her because thats what every one else is doing, watch this. She sings the american anthem and she has a decent singing voice, better voice than most people.

Yes, that includes you.


Bravo, the first three second of the anthem is such a good indicator of singing style.
Now, let's see her hit the high notes, the real indicator of talent.

Alright. Im going to make this quick because quite frankly, this whole rebecca black thing is being blown out of proportion. The Girl made a bad video. So what. Ignore it and life goes on.

But anyways.

If you think she cant sing. Fine. Whatever. You're entitled to your opinion, and i'm entitled to mine. I agree, her singing voice is not spectacular, but there's talent there. Being unable to hit high notes means nothing. There are perfectly amazing singers who cant high notes. Not all musicians can belt out high sharps like they're some opera star: thats why there are different tone levels in a chorus (pardon me if im confusing terns and metaphors. im no music connoisseur).


To constantly slam her, telling her she's a horrible person, or that you hope cuts and dies, is completely inappropriate. Tell her to go die? because she wrote a song you dont like? really? how heartless can one be? she wrote a terrible song. big deal. no one is dying, no children are being attacked. but maybe im wrong. perhaps what she did is a terrible crime, and she could be killed.

Perhaps Im ignorant for caring more about the fact that people are suffering in Japan and that there are revolutions in the middle east, than about the fact that 13 year old cant write songs.

anyways. I said my two cents. Goodbye, and please don't quote me, because im not going to reply.
Ouch, you just completely made an assumption about me based on two sentences that I wrote.
First, I did not state anywhere that I hope she "cuts and dies", nor did I slam her anyway. All I said was that she did not have talent, and I didn't even state it directly. However, you ranted to me as if I had told her to go rip her head off and shove it in a toilet.

I know you won't respond to this, but I just wanted to say that you didn't need to be so hostile towards me. I just wanted to state my opinion.

And I have not slammed her in real life except by saying that she is not talented, which she is not.
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No she can't.
I listened to the acoustic version and it, too, is completely terrible.

I'm surprised my ears didn't bleed.
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who can sing?
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HAHAHAH--wait what?
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I'm older than you you're only a sophomore invalid argument..

I lol'd so hard. biggrin

You give a meaning to this equation: growing old =/= being wise

I lol'd while typing that..
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Pretty well.
You know that the Ark record label will take anyone whose parents pay upwards of $3000, right? It has nothing to do with talent.

I saw Black on Good Morning America (or some other morning show, I forget which) and she definitely could not sing.

Oh, and on the same show she admitted that she isn't that good of a singer.

I'm older than you you're only a sophomore invalid argument..
ok I'am even older than you and I invalidate your invalidation and reinstate her argument.

You don't know how old I am so stfu..
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This thread made me laugh.

Thanks for making my day. ^^

(btw: she can't sing)
We don't even know who your talking bout.
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I actually thought her acoustic was fine. Yeah, she's NOT Kelley Clarksen but she's not awful either. The auto tune didn't help her.
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The girl sounds like a screeching cat with her nose plugged.
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I heard her on a GMA clip singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and her voice was alright. But the song itself sucks. The beginning is so flat sounding and sounds like rambling. I've heard my nieces who are half her age come up with better songs and come up with better material.
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I'm older than you you're only a sophomore invalid argument..

I lol'd so hard. biggrin

You give a meaning to this equation: growing old =/= being wise

I lol'd while typing that..

Looks like being older doesn't mean you can understand sarcasm, eh? Next time, be sure to have a "valid argument" before you spout anything stupid, grandma.

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