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Front Seat or Back Seat?

Front Seat 0.38416175231676 38.4% [ 456 ]
Back Seat 0.20387531592249 20.4% [ 242 ]
Friday 0.41196293176074 41.2% [ 489 ]
Total Votes:[ 1187 ]
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Wheezing Gawker

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waaaaaaat??? y is no one going for back seat all u do is just chat or sleep..if u hav it all to ur self

meh hate rebecca black anyway.....she was meant to be waiting for the bus tho..... rolleyes
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Newbie Nerd

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The middle seat and trunk get no love!
Usually the driver seat, else I really wouldn't be going anywhere. XD
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Front seat.
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I pick the option where you fold the front seat and stretch out to sleep.
I'd rather get my bowl instead.
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The front seat is nice, however, the backseat is better. I say this because the backseat, unlike the front seat, allows you to stretch out, you can even lay down back there! Also, I've always really enjoyed ignoring the contents of the car (the people) and staring out windows or just letting my mind wander and go where it pleases. All of this seems to be easier in the backseat, and that is why they are better.
x Karurie x
Front seat.
So I can take the wheel from that thirteen year old and prevent him from driving us over the cliff.

Not that it wouldn't be "FUNFUNFUN" to see it happen....

I was going to say the front seat because it means I can reach the wheel (I gotta be the driver)... But this is a MUCH better reason! xp
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Diamond Glitch

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Dude, it's all about the back seat talk2hand
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back seat there is more space back there lol ! rofl
Depends on teh car. If it's a van middle seat. If its smaller, front.
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Front seat is always good. Unless you get in a car accident when the other car rams straight into the front. Then it might be a little bad.
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i think i was conceived in the back seat wink

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