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Front Seat or Back Seat?

Front Seat 0.38416175231676 38.4% [ 456 ]
Back Seat 0.20387531592249 20.4% [ 242 ]
Friday 0.41196293176074 41.2% [ 489 ]
Total Votes:[ 1187 ]
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Seducesaur's avatar

Shameless Grabber

I'd like to ride in the back seat of a Cadi, topped off with Do Or Die.
The only seat available is the middle seat in the back.

There is no choice. Only the illusion.
hinata Rachie's avatar

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I picked Friday 'cause it doesn't matter where I sit as the day shall be fun fun fun.
HAHAHAhA what a terrible song
hungry4QTpie's avatar

Romantic Raider

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'tis Friday, so that.
All the cool kids sit in the back
so i guess I'll be in the front
Cassia Wolfblood's avatar

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  • Forum Sophomore 300
Driver's seat. Cause ya know.... I'm actually allowed to LEGALLY drive. Unlike a 13 year old. *sigh of disgust*
Ralph Raff's avatar

Friendly Entrepreneur

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  • Nerd 50
aahh... the joys... pirate Back, I can make noises and make believe it's the car making them. The better when it's with a tune included. lol
Barmy's avatar

Benevolent Bibliophile

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I'm always in the front seat.
The Yellow Note's avatar


No love for the back seat?
Rattie Virginia's avatar

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Um, well, I get motion sick a lot and sitting in the front, you know if you're quick enough you might be able to watch the people in the back have to duck and dive for cover as the vomit goes streaking back in the wind, so the front seat wins. User Image
Psy Flash's avatar

4,400 Points
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  • Piecatcher 100
It depends... Back seat if I want to annoy the driver of the car.
Front seat so I can drive.
It would really depend on how evil I'm feeling. twisted
lavalollipop's avatar

Girl-Crazy Borg

One hit wonder, or will she actually rise up?
NiiShTheFiiSh's avatar

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Kikin' In The Front Seat!!
- That Song Sucks!
[Angel Kratos]'s avatar

Eloquent Enabler

Kickin' in the front seat FTW. I hate the backseat, typically.

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