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No. Stop it. The more you share shitty songs the more attention it gets. Stop it right now.
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So far still better than Rebecca Black.
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Too bad she spent all her money on this video.

Now she'll never get her jeans. emo
Catchy! Just kidding.
I gotta admit this is worse than friday. I would choose friday over this.
Worst then Friday. But her voice isn't as bad. It's not good, but I can't stand Rebecca Blacks.
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Symasia Emperor Skahesis
I'am sitting around waiting around for some good music.
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I'd like to know where she lives, but only because I want to live somewhere that has no street laws.

More on the subject of the song, does anyone ever wonder about the token black rapper? I mean, at least this one isn't a *****. I guess I'll give him that.

If anyone sees him, let him know I just bought a new blackberry.
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Wat the HE LL (P) !!!!!! Both songs are incredablie anoying!!!! Although i do love the actual day friday
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No. No. This is a parody. I refuse to believe this is real.
What makes kids think they can do something like this and think everyone will like them? However, the rapping kid...he's okay. Pretty good for someone who's what 9?
mrgreen i dont think FRIDAY is that bad of a song, i sing it and it doesnt annoy me which is preety unusual, either everyones over reacting or im just weird eek
rolleyes friday friday got to get down on friday

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