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funny thing: she's wearing a skirt.. she only wears one pair of jeans..
I can't believe it. Why do teen girls keep wanting to be famous?
... at least she can rhyme, sort of.
At least her voice is better than Rebecca's.


And i thought it was a metal song at the start
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I hate auto tune. If all these young kids songs weren't in auto tune, I would give them a chance. Alas, the music industry screws up all these kids vocals, so they can sell more.
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ok. so some 12 year old twit sees people wearing jeans, throwes a house party, gets in a car to big for her, gose to the mall to sing about how all the celebs are wearing jeans just like her when every one wears jeans the same..... ON THERE LEGS!!! then a mini lil wayn comes in and starts to break it down. wow, that was... no, just no. crying painful.
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whats with these children omg im like freakin scared for life they sound pretty bad
weel, they're both catchy! ^o^
funny thing: she's wearing a skirt.. she only wears one pair of jeans..

lol i noticed that
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This kid looks really young... like, not even thirteen.
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you must be trollin, she's better than black.... at least she knows how to structure a song.
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You know I never thought I'd say this but we need to make it harder to become rich and famous.
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But if it was hard, nobody would want to. D:

We're lazy like that.
What is with these managers pumping out little pop singers nowadays?

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