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Just submitted a new idea. Feedback, plz?

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I know, I have no art skills...

. -.

The item description:
The greatest scientists from all over the world came together to make the world's cutest hat.

... The jury's still out on whether or not they succeeded...

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I'd wear it. e w e
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i love this one!!! biggrin
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Great job!
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I want that hat for reals. I would wear it at school! =3
it looks like some one killed frogger and left the weapon there. lmao. kinda cute though (coming from someone who loves drawing fashions and creating accessories btw) consider this plz? my thread
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eowyn celeste
it looks like some one killed frogger and left the weapon there. lmao. kinda cute though

Lulz, I love that description.
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I'd get it in other colors. o:
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Very Awesome. I could totally see Gaia making this an item. I would prefer it in different colors, though.
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Its quite adorable.
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I'd so wear it!
*grabby hands* ME WAAANT

seriously, it's really cool!
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Am I the only person who doesn't like it? .__.
I can appreciate the direction you're going it, the idea is cute inn retrospect.
But I find that it's like...one detail too simple. This looks like something that you could get out of Daily Chance (like Langor or something else that you can get a million of), not something I'd want to buy from CrossStitch. I think it's on its way, but you can continue tweaking it. Try adding different details here and there, with different combinations...zippers, chains, other embellishments.
Best of luck to you sir. c:

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