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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS !! The design is amazing I love it soooo much !! I really hope they make it cat_crying excuse my excitement.
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I want it, oh my God, I.want.it. emotion_dowant
I hope this hat/wig will be selected for the shop, it's the most amazing thing I've seen here.
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Greedy Gekko

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dont like it. Too many furry items already
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i love it i didnt thing of a wig, and your is soo cool
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I'd wear it!
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yes bro fists*
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Greedy Bunny

This is good but it said that wig/hair items aren't allowed...
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love love this
good job
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Not so big on the pink (we've had too much pink hair lately) but I ADORE the style.
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User Image

They're beautiful!

Unfortunately... aren't wigs one of
those items we're not allowed to do?


User Image
My Hat Design
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Tipsy Gawker

@Lyanda -You know, it would be really cool if they came out with a rig that had items made from users.

@To the OP- Also, as everyone else is saying, as amazing as this item is... it looks like it would fall under the hair/wig tag unless you can add something to make it look more like a furry hat.
Hmm... why not allow some of the user's hair/bangs to be seen? That way it gives a two tone effect and it will look more like the avi is wearing something on their head. On a side note: I would buy them all.
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Cluttered Prophet

Ohh god, this is so pretty

Please have a black one thoughhhhhh

id buy it

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