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Mousealchemist's Designs

These designs have been submit already.

Banana Boots
User Image


User Image

Items in art:
Banana Boot (me) + Fruity Fresh ( Nepai) = awesome

More items I have made:

Fruit Twist Kicks
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this is by far my favorite * U *
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Dude. Those boots are made of freaking win.
Hnnnng, waaanntt! -grabby hands-
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:3 I might have to design more shoes then.
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Shoes! Yes finally have been waiting for some awesome shoes! They are gorgeous heart
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Wow, those are so awesome. <3 <3 <3
Made of win they are! whee
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Very nice, and they'd be easier to stomach than leather boots in a survival situation. Great job!
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I honestly didn't think I would like much that people did for this contest but I rather like these. They aren't so gimmicky that I couldn't use them and they still look fruity. Well done!
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Mega Glitch

My immediate real world reaction "That is really frickin' cool".
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this, all of it, screams win. i would so get one of these, no, ten of these
Those. Are. AWESOME! 8D
Not only do they look like bananas but they are awesome boots! WOOO!
/runs around like a raving lunatic
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Sweet! You should design banana armor to match.
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Romantic Fatcat

I very much like those shoes *o*
Idk what I'd wear them with...but I like the colors xD
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Oh hell yes! You've got my support!
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Those look awesome

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