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Omfggggggggggggggggg your awesome that hair alone is f**king dope that corset with the skull the ribbons going down the leg woow ur AMAZING im sorry if my grammars a bit off xD but gosh these are great !!!
dark pillow

Thank you very much. :3 Your opinions has been noted. >:3
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Familiar Phantom

(Reviews first page)
Oh wow you added even more stuff! =3
I'm pleased at the idea of multiple hair colors I think that is very open ended thinking xD
I think if this goes any farther that your first page will become over loaded xD
but still keep up the good work!
have you choose what you wanted to do yet?
I love the hair!!!! Do want... c:
These Items are awesome c:
OMG! I LOVE IT ALL!!! i wish they would allow the eyes too,cuz those are just freaking amazing!!!! cat_4laugh cat_3nodding cat_blaugh
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You're items, even the drawn traditional stuff looks amazing XD
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got my vote love. heart
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I'm sorry to everyone who I haven't been replying to, there's simply too many replies to this thread! >.<; But you should all know that I read all of your replies and your opinions are noted. :3 Thank you all for the nice words! ^u^
why would anyone dare downvote? They must be jelly of your mad skill, OP
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Your sketches are amazing. I like the first one.
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Sweet Skullcakes
why would anyone dare downvote? They must be jelly of your mad skill, OP

Hahaha, I don't mind them downvoting, actually I don't really care about the voting at all... xD But! I care very much about why they did it? Do they not like what I've drawn? And if so, why not just tell me so I possibly can fix it? :I
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Hair is not allowed
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OMG I love all of your ideas!!! 4laugh
My favorite would be the wigs (all of the colors) the ribbons wrapped all around the legs, and...the boots that have the hearts, spades, diamonds, and clovers!
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I'm a huge wig fan, so I'm gonna say the hair is my favorite.
I love all of it, but the hair is my favorite.
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Okay, so today I will submit my desigs, seems I didn't really have time to make the overskirt though. :I It takes more time than you thin to draw something into the template. ^^;

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