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The hoodies are really adorable. It looks like it will match great for this month and any other month. The panda and alligator oneies are freakin adorable >U< I hope your design will be pick. C:
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all really well done! i love the hoodie and the onsies, and would definately buy them if they were available biggrin good luck and stuff! (should totally make a skunk onesie too >3> )
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thanks everyone for all the love <3
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I really love your onesies! I hope they win heart
The dinosaur onesie is probably one of the greatest things of my life.
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It's all so cute :0
they are all so cute so cute i love them
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I would like to see a darker color with the skull hoodies and bright neon ends done tactfully.

The onsies definitely stole my heart on this one. PANDAS FTW!
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did u get the hoodie idea from disgaea? o.o

whats disgaea this is the second time its been braught up O-o

Pretty cool designs overall, love the animal onesies.
The reason Disgaea was mentioned several times in relation to your Skull Mage hoodies, is because this series of tactical RPGs for the PS2, PSP and PS3 all include a Skull mage class. In their Disgaea 3 iteration, their design looks similar to your own. It doesn't help that their classification is "Skull mage". Still pretty cool overall, but I don't know if the Gaia staff would take the risk if pissing off the Disgaea developer, though they've been known to take immense liberties with intellectual property in the past. A game changer might be that it's user-created content, only time will tell.
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Good luck anyway !
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It looks...suggestive.
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Skull mage hoodies.
Whoops seems my question has already been answered. So you didn't even know what disgaea was?
Anyways, it's still pretty awesome what inspired you to make this?
They look really cool.

You should probably credit the inspiration for the Skull Mage Hoodies though. They're identical to the 'skull mage' class from D3, with the fire having been taken from Death Emizels hoody from Disgaea 4... I find it hard to believe anyone crafting something so identical on an often anime-centric forum hadn't previously encountered Disgaea before.

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kigurumis heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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Skull mage hoodies...
It's like a cuter version of Disgaea...
Ugh, gimme! emotion_dowant

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