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I love the onesies!
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I like the hoodies the best
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The onesies are the most freaking adorable things i have ever seen. i would totally buy one in every design. I salute to you.
I want the onesies omg.
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Very adorable! (I'd buy one of each and the adorable panda hoodie) emotion_kirakira
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ok so i already submitted the dress but id like to know what people think
ill also be posting other ideas i have.
licky dress

User Image

Skull mage hoodies

User Image

I thought we needed them...
Animal Onesies

User Image

Looking good!
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I love your design sweetie, you have a good eye for colors and style.
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These are all awesome. I want the hoodie most of all. biggrin
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SNIMAL ONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESYESYESYES
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i don't know if i like the way the tongue is right on the crotch
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Man! I love the onsies and the hoodies so cute! heart
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The dress is a little..odd but interesting. I'm not sure if I would buy these items myself but I would totally suggest these items to others. biggrin
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i love love love the hoodie i wound wear it for real life
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The licky dress sort of makes it look like she has a huge... well... you know...


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