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My...painfully simplistic design I went ahead and submitted. We just need more pants.
I tried to make them as unisex as possible, since items tend to be skewed quite a bit toward being feminine.

I WAN'T A PAIR!!! they looks so siick ^^ emo
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Shirtless Sex Symbol

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soooo siiick i would totally buy a pair
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:O I want those pants..
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I want those on my avi's body. >:C
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The face made me laugh so hard. The pants are good, but the colours, even though changed, still look similar to me.
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Tipsy Bookworm

I like how the girl jeans are fitted
-nod- Nice.
Zavits W
awesomeness combined?

User Image

EDIT: also your belt skull looks better than mine XD;;

And this is why Gaia needs a co-op version of the contest. surprised
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They're a really nice pair of pants. I think that they'd go with a lot of outfits, so I'd be more inclined to buy them than, say, a dress that doesn't really fit the rest of my wardrobe. Plus the unisex factor is good! I really like them, though. They're not overdone at all, which is great.
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Your signature fits very well with that post.
^u^ Thank you.
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Ja, I would own these pants... And probably in more than one colour too cat_3nodding
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Zavits W
I want to wear your pants with my entry. emotion_kirakira

Oh my. They match so perfectly. emotion_kirakira
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User Image

(From the new rig)

Guess we do get to have these pants, or rather, something similar.
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Stuff with little skulls on them are always cool, I like it.
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I rather like it.

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