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Which of these item should I enter?

Scarves 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 14 ]
Ponshos 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 22 ]
Hair Clips 0.16883116883117 16.9% [ 13 ]
Skirt 0.20779220779221 20.8% [ 16 ]
Long Sleeved Shirt 0.15584415584416 15.6% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 77 ]
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Rhaetic's avatar

Dapper Dabbler

Love the kiwi shoes 8D
ErinTringa's avatar

Shameless Loiterer

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The leggings are very cute!
Jalakins's avatar

Sparkly Fairy

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My favorite is the boots and leggings. I didn't see those on the poll though. :3
MeanyAllysin's avatar

Questionable Strawberry

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i LOVE the fruity scarf i would buy that and love it to death xD
i love the hair accessories too
and the fruity waste band things are adorable as well. nice work xD
Yumeiii's avatar

Malevolent Fairy

Wow these are some really nice designs. My favourites are the hairclip, poncho and sash. Although I think the shorts a pretty cool too.
But my top two would probably be the hairclip and sash.
I love the shoes!!! O:<
I like the shoes and the leggings the best!!
Yes, the shoes are the best heart
DeathGirl78's avatar

3,750 Points
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what a cute idea i wish i was as good.
Dark-Velvet-Revolver's avatar

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what a cute idea i wish i was as good.

lol it just takes practice smile
My favorites are the scarves and the shorts, but I really think you should just submit everything 0u0
If you ask nicely (and I'm not swamped) I will sprite your item for you.

ok so a hodge podge of stuff here lol Mostly bottom related some were just on a whim others well thought out.

so which ones do you like which do you not like also do you like the skirt and shirt as a set or no???? Ok now Idk what to choose I just kinda went fruity lol. hmmm now i have to think hard as to what to choose >.>

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User Image

User Image
Watch the avengers, awsome film biggrin , bump good luck
PhallenPixie's avatar

Beloved Friend

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i like the poncho w/ shirt the best, but all is amazing
The Fabulous Miss Fleck's avatar

Romantic Lunatic

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The only thing I'm not crazy about is the monokinis and the hoodies. Everything else I want to own as an item D:
Cybertronian DJ's avatar

Quotable Explorer

It's all so colorful, how can I decide?
xMissAliceGlassx's avatar

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They're all really cute~ 3nodding
Magic and Mischief's avatar

Shameless Fairy

The ponchos are my favorite there~

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