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It's adorable, I would wear it! 0.55913978494624 55.9% [ 104 ]
It's alright, but not for me. 0.2741935483871 27.4% [ 51 ]
It needs work... 0.12365591397849 12.4% [ 23 ]
No! I hate everything about it! 0.043010752688172 4.3% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 186 ]
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the dresses look alright. The blue raspberry one, especially.. Not that fond of the shredded looking skirts though.
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I think it's an awesome idea! I would maybe suggest doing a darker one too, maybe a blackberry one, because a lot of Gaians seem to wear black! xD

However, even if you don't take that advice I still think it's an awesome idea and you should go for it! smile I wish you the best of luck. heart heart heart
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Moonlight Girl

I like all your entries. Good luck!
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Seeking Muse

Love the grape one!!
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I don't care much for the capes (I'm not a cape person sweatdrop ) but those dresses are adorable whee
i love it...im not sure if i would wear it (i actually dont want to wear anything fruit themed so this contest for me sucks >.< wink
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We're a moment in time In the Cycle of life


User Image

This is very cute 3nodding
I would definitely wear this
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I like both the strawberry and the grape dresses. They're actually perfect for this avatar since she's a saloon type of girl. Good luck!
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emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
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i love your design hope it win ^^
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i like the design in your signature. its reallly cute. something in cherry or blue raspberry i would totally buy <3
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In real life i hate eating purple grapes, but for some reason i will eat green grapes... odd. But the important thing is that u tried on a design and i think it is creative. Ikd if i would wear it but it has potential. smile
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So here are my designs...

User Image

tell me what you think!

okay so i feel pretty stupid for not thinking of this before i went and posted the strawberry dress idea....which is fine but it kind of only works for the strawberry flavor.....so this seems much more logical and cute to me....introducing the new and improved berry flavored dresses....also please forgive me for my first attempt...its terrible now that i think of it... redface redface redface

User Image

click on the thumbnail for a larger view

here's a more detailed version of the design above

User Image

I love all your dresses c:
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that dress is amazing dear
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thanks to everyone who has commented on the designs thus far you guys are awesome!! =D

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