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I'd have to say Winter Winds or White Blank Page. I'm like, in love with Marcus Mumford's voice <3
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Oh, yay! Another Decemberists fan? biggrin

The Decemberists are fantastic! So many good songs from them.

On topic, I absolutely adore Thistle & Weeds, as well as Dust Bowl Dance.
Winter Winds is definitely my favorite. Probably followed by After the Storm.
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I just love this band! They're completely amazing in every way! They've got that folk feel while being totally awesome and appealing. And their songs are just so touching...

But that's just what I think. XD
I love them and all of their music. heart I could not possibly pick a favorite!
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The Cave (I liked it before it was cool /hipster)

Winter Winds is definitely pretty relateable to my life right now... : p
I stumbled upon Little Lion Man and since then I couldn't get enough of them. Favorite songs are Little Lion Man, The Cave, Winter Winds, Timshel, After the Storm, and She Said Yes!
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Love love love Mumford and Sons. Not usually a creepy stalker but Mark Mumford is too pretty. I think my eyes may melt. burning_eyes

Ok, now that I have made myself look like a silly teenage girl... I shall return to sanity. I really enjoy them because they bring a passion and depth to their music that is lacking in most of what is popular. Also, they put on a great show but are not just entertainers. My fav songs are The Banjolin Song, Winter Winds... oh heck, I like them all!
Love Mumford and Sons, don't think I could pick a favorite song.
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Call me crazy, but I gotta go with "I Gave You All" for favorite. It's so brooding and heartsick.
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Really awful. There are a lot of artists who do the same thing, only much better and with less pretentiousness.
I was hoping to see more folk/bluegrass bands on this forum instead of pop-country (which is fine in its own right, just not my cup o' tea usually), but alas...

However, despite the amount of bands I keep coming across, for some reason Mumford & Sons are still on the very top of my list. Maybe it's because of how much they live for live shows, or how they get so passionate about their songs, or how each member of the band writes the different songs, not just Marcus Mumford, or Ted's glorious bass playing - maybe even just the honesty of the lyrics themselves. I just can't get enough of them, for whatever reason.

My favorite songs are definitely "Roll Away Your Stone," "Sigh No More" (both of these, to me, express a reawakening, and passion for life that I really relate to), "Feel the Tide (Turning)," "Sister," and "Thumper" (from their Wedding Band EP) Dammit, I was supposed to choose one, wasn't I?!
I'm bad at the playing favorites game. To be perfectly honest, I've yet to find a song of theirs I dislike so far.

Has any one checked out Marcus' solo work pre-Sons?
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They are amazing. My favorite song it's Little Lion Man, but I like a lot of Winter Winds.
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I love Thistle and Weeds, and The Cave. My friend introduced me to Mumford and Sons, not because he thought I would like them but because he thought my dad would like them. -______________-
But I ended up loving Mumford and Sons! whee

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