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It's important in my life, the reason I breathe. 0.51685393258427 51.7% [ 46 ]
Indescribable. It's something no person can put into words. 0.44943820224719 44.9% [ 40 ]
It's just noise and nothing more. 0.033707865168539 3.4% [ 3 ]
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For years, I have bought CD's and listened to my favorite country radio station to fullfill my music needs, until I was given my brand new nano ipod! I have been straying further away from CD's and my favorite radio station only listening to my ipod. It's such a simple, portable device I am able to listen to any song with a click of a button. The only time I seem to listen to a radio or a CD is in the car or public places.

Do you listen to the radio, CD's, an ipod, or mp3 player? Which of the four do you most enjoy using to listen to your music? Why?
sorry, I don't listen to country!!! scream
I listen to all four and i am starting to stray to my ipod but i will forever love my radio biggrin
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sorry, I don't listen to country!!! scream
then why are you in the country music forum?
radio and cd's only
Radios and cds only cause i dont have a ipod!! crying
i listen on the radio, on the computer, on my mp3, and try to listen when ever i can . i love music!!!
CD's and mp3
computer,tv,radio,mp3 player smile
Television (MusicChoice and CMT)
Online (CMT)
Radio Stations

I don't buy CDs, as I'm so used to the selection on the radio... I love my singles. smile
-Early in the morning MTV, VH1, &CMT.
I listen to music when I sleep, eat, sit and rot in front of the computer, take a bath, take walks etc.

My mind tends to go crazy w/o tunes.
i listen to all four!
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I love my iPod. smile

I have imported my CDS into it. In a way, I listen to CDs.

I like having a good solid backup.

I have LEGAL MP3s I have downloaded from iTunes as well.

I listen to the radio mostly in the car.
CMT is not good on TV. The website is better. smile

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