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Oh! Sorry to double-post, but I forgot another story of mine. Not necessarily bad, but semi-creepy.

I was cosplaying as Kuchiki Rukia at Anime Crossroads in December. This guy in a Final Fantasy cosplay(I don't know the series so I don't really know which character he was) asked for a picture. I was cool with it, and he said, "Thanks Rukia!" and walked off.

Later on, he spots me and waves. "Hi Rukia!"
20 minutes later. "Hey Rukia!"
And an hour later. "Hi Rukia!"

Then, back at my friend's house, while we were browsing our photos, I noticed that this guy photobombed me with a big, creepy smile a few times. Huh...
That happens to me a lot at cons. Many people will recognize me and say hi every time they see me, which I think is pretty cool haha.

D: And that sucks that your paintbrush broke!

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Ha I know! I almost cried when I saw it falling apart. I've kept saying that I'm gonna fix it, but that was two years ago. Maybe I should just build a new one.
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I've only been to one Con. I was a Transformer and everyone kept asking if I could transform xP Given what the outfit was of though it's not like it was from nowhere, but it does get a bit annoying after you've heard it 2 or 3 times and it's pretty obvious the outfit is incapable of such a feat.

So the worst thing, for me, was really just moving around. My outfit had a "backpack" (looked more like a jet pack really) and comic con was PACKED. It was really hard to move around even if you weren't in costume, so add my backpack, which sticks out to the sides just a touch, and you find yourself constantly being bumped.

Not the end of the world, but yeah. It's what happens when you are go to a convention that, over the course of 3 days, had just over hundred thousand people attend ^^;;
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Just got my cosplay 2 days ago but right away I accidentally slapped myself with my sleeve since it's a fem! China cosplay from Hetalia and the sleeves are freakishly long emotion_awesome
not many bad things have happened to me at cons, but a couple of months ago i borrowed my friends England cosplay since my Rev!England one hadnt arrived yet (and her cosplay was too small so we thought it could fit me, and it barely did) and the trousers on it wouldnt zip up properly, so for the whole day i had to make sure the zip was still up, and i was too scared to bend over incase i ripped them or something, they were that tight XD
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Oh, got another one.

Freaking any time you don't dress weather-appropriate.

Today was cold and rainy, and I was dressed as Tifa Lockhart.

At MetroCon (Florida, Juna) I wore Black Mage.

Of course, I have a habit of doing this s**t to myself (live in Florida? Layers and pants and long sleeves on ALL OF THE COSTUMES. Move to New York? MINISKIRTS EVERYWHERE) that I can't seem to learn from.

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I saw Man-Faye. Nough said
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My fist convention was Kumoricon 2009, and I was cosplayed as (a VERY poor job of) L from Death Note. The first day, I had a giant (REAL) lollipop and I sucked on it throughout the day (It was too delicious to just carry it around). By about the afternoon, my face was COVERED in all these rainbow colors, my mouth was all dark blue, and I looked like a mess. I had to eventually throw the lollipop away, for it was too much of a messy distraction >w<;
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I cosplayed as Izuru Kira from Bleach the 2nd year I went to Anime Expo and my girlfriend at the time and I were hanging out. Go in line to wait to meet Vic Mignogna and this hardcore Orihime Inoue lover gets in line behind us and flat out tells me to my face "Oh Izuru sucks as a character, Orihime is much better." I wanted to punch him in the face after that. =x=

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