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I'm planning on doing just a simple ol' Fionna the Human Girl from Adventure Time. seeing all the items from the whole thing on here, i'm guessing she's not that unfamiliar to you all, but just in case, here's a good ref.

I was wondering, should i just pull back my hair and just use bang extensions that stick out of the hat, or should i opt for a full wig and shove it into the hat? I doubt i'd be taking the hat off, so i was just trying to think of a way to save a bit of money.

Also, i have plain white socks--what should i do to add the blue stripes, marker? paint? my calves are somewhat muscular, so the socks stretch a little more than for normal people(but not overly so, thank god).

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You could do either for the hair, but make sure your hair is really secure under your hat if you decide to go with the extension idea. I'm talkin bobby pins and hairspray here.
As for the socks, buy some Tulip brand fabric paint, thin painters tape, and a sponge brush. Find a friend to help you. Then, put on the socks, tape out the shape and width of the stripes. Make sure they're even before you move on to the next step. Once you're sure the stripes are of equal size and distance apart, and it's the same for both socks, have your partner dab in the demarcated white areas with the blue fabric paint. Let dry, remove socks, and wash off any paint that seeped through onto your legs. Sounds involved, but I used a similar process to paint over 30 pairs of shimapan in about a week and a half, except I didn't have to wear them, thankfully for all parties involves.
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If you plan on cosplaying as her in the future, and if there is a possibility that you might change your hair, then get a wig. You can just get a longer wig and cut off all of it except the bangs, considering no one will see the rest of the wig but that razz Extensions could work too, but they should be as yellow as her hair if you want to strive for being as accurate as you can. Of course, it's all up to you in the end 3nodding

As for the socks, you could just get a fabric marker and draw it on. Or, if you have a sewing machine, you could sew it on.

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if I was you I would just use the hair extantions since it sounds like your on a budget.

as for socks. I would use permanent markers for the stripes lol.

good luck on your cosplay :3
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Well I'd get a full wig just in case. Don't want that hat falling off or anything. o.o

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