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I cosplay because I love the character and want to meet new friends.
What about you? ^^
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I cosplay because I find it fun and it's a completely new experience for me since I'm really new to it. I also really like the character and their outfits and new personalities are really fun to try out.
Brings out the creativity side of me, it shows an expression of freedom to be who want and act in a different way according to the character you choose. It is also a nice way to meet people, have laughs and just generally have a good time.
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I do it mainly because I'm an artist and I want to share my work, and maybe a little commonality with my fellow anime-fan. 3nodding Plus, it's a great way to get excited about a con FAR in advance.

And...okay, partly for the attention. ninja
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yum_strawberry Sometimes I feel like I just need to step out of my life and be someone else and cosplay allows me to do that, it also gives me a chance to make something I can be proud of, so that's why I cosplay. C:
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Because i love being a completely different person biggrin
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I cosplay because for a day I get to step into the shoes of my favourite character and be said character. It also allows me to meet people who have the same common interest as me and we can talk and become friends.
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Well there are many reasons why I cosplay:

-To wear wigs

-To challenge myself when it comes to making the cosplays

-To get out of the real world during a convention

-To meet new friends

-To have fun

-To meet other nerds 8D

-To be someone else for as long as I am in the cosplay

-To have my picture taken ;D

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It a fun thing to do, plus it a fun free time thing to do. Everyone loves something to share when they meet someone new and a cosplay can help open conversations with cool people. ABOVE ALL! ITS FUNEST EXPERIENCE YOU CAN HAVE! xd
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For FUN! 8D

I got into cosplaying while I was still a student, and it's a great stress reliever to be able to sit back, turn on a marathon of some show/anime, and work on a costume. Plus attending cons in my cosplay and meeting people with similar interests is the best.

I'm slowly moving over to a more serious side with my costumes, nit-picking myself and wanting everything to be perfect, so I suppose that the other reason I cosplay is to display my craftmanship. But the fun is always the number one reason!

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I absolutely love to cosplay because it's a really great experience to go around in costume at an anime convention and meet some new friends who are cosplaying the same series as your character or something. Plus, it's really great when you're a crafty otaku, so you just calm yourself down by creating a cosplay you would absolutely love, and if the outcome is good, then it's great to just go to an anime convention/club and show it off.
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I like it because it's a creative challenge. Something weird and ridiculous? You have an eyeball on your sword? Articulated wings? Mechanical hand? Tail? Horns? Bring it on. I love working with new materials and creatively solving my problems.

And all the while paying homage to series/characters that I like and admire and making fun, accepting friends.
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1.) It gives me something to do. Keeps me from being bored.
2.) Keeps the money away from bad things! Like drugs. Lol.
3.) Gives me the chance to be creative.
4.) To wear it more than just on Halloween.
5.) To be appreciated for my hard work, no matter how good or crappy it is!
Most of my friends are into it, and I go to conventions with them. We attend these conventions to have fun and meet new people while dressing up as characters we love.
I love being creative and making something, and this is a way that I can do it, and enjoy it. At first, I never wanted to do it, thought it was stupid and such, but once I actually buckled down and gave it a try, I had a blast!

I also don't have TV, so working on costumes gives me something to do at home when I'm not at work, lol!

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