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I don't know if I've posted here, but:

- Taking other people's props and mistreating them. Considering some can be breakable or with Hetalia some cosplayers have flags, there's quite a lot of rules about how to treat a flag.
- Random glomping - Especially if the person being glomped has things like breakable wings.
- When people expect you to act like the character/do yaoi with them - Someone I didn't know ACTUALLY put a collar around my neck.
- ^ Adding to that one. People who take handcuffs and collars to conventions.
- When people shout internet memes.

And a number that I've read from the first post.
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When people whine about body type. Cosplay is for fun, you don't have to be a bitchy elitist because someone weighs more than you and still looks fabulous in cosplay.

bad hygiene
insane fandoms omg
shoving in crowds at cons
taking my picture without asking
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    Welp where to begin...
  • People who complain about non-home made cosplays. I don't sew, I don't make stuff. Just because I got my cosplay off ebay doesn't make me a bad person or a shitty cosplayer.
  • Screaming. I have sensitive ears...To the point just the other day I about yelled at my neighbor cause his daughter was running around screaming at the top of her lungs for the hell of it.(But decided not to cause she was just a kid.)
  • People who discriminate over stupid things like height, weight, race, so on. I'm short and chubby. I'm 19 years old and only 5'5", I'll be short for my whole life, and I'm also a bit over weight, but thats no reason to down me cause I don't perfectly fit the cosplay. Which brings me to...
  • Elitists. Because one thing isn't perfect doesn't mean s**t...
  • Crossplaying. I know I'm probably going to get s**t for this, but I just hate seeing girls cosplaying as guys. I understand 100% you have the right to do it, and I am not going to down someone for it, I am just voicing my personal opinion that I don't like it. And that brings me to another thing, which...Might sound odd after saying that, but people who b***h about a girl not binding themselves when they do crossplay. Thats just...stupid. I may be a guy and not have tits, but I understand thats got to hurt to be binded.
  • Rude cosplayers. Like, say I like the character their cosplaying, and properly ask if I can have a hug or something like that, and they just blow me off...Rude.
  • Unsupervised children. Like...11 year old girls running around the con screaming and doing stupid stuff. Bad parenting there.
  • People who get mad if your not cosplaying. I've never actually done a "real cosplay" of a specific character, I cosplay usually as my Naruto OC Kamoku Hayate(Basiclly I am wearing a Konoha flak jacket, sword, and a headband around my neck). On another time(Last con I went to) I didn't cosplay at all, I just had on my Tripps and a band shirt.
  • Minors wearing almost nothing. No minor should cosplay a character who is wearing super revealing clothing. Sorry seen to many 13 year old girls wearing a band across their tits and a super short skirt/shorts....
  • People who cosplay a character and don't even try to act like them. What I mean by this is say a person cosplaying as Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto. She's shy, quiet, and all around innocent. I've personally seen and known a person that cosplays as her that is a complete whore, she trolls cosplays for guys to take to the hotel room and ******** Naruto's and Kiba's), very loud, the type of person that will glomp you. I understand you can't be "in character" all the time or even at any time...But come on, don't ruin the image of a innocent character by acting like a total slut.
  • People who plug up the hallways...took me 15 minutes to get somewhere that should have taken only 2 minutes before. Had to backtrack, go outside through a courtyard, and around a different way, just because people was blocking a hallway and wouldn't move.
  • People who hate on gay people at cons. I met a awesome dude at a con, he was gay and I seen people hating on him for it...Even though he was awesome. I actually ran into him at a concert like...almost a year later...Lol. Funny story.
  • People who down other cosplayers cause they don't like the show. I get this a TON because I cosplay based off of Naruto, I can even show everyone a video where someone said something specifically to me and a friend of mine saying how "Naruto sucks". If you want to see this, please look up "anime punch 2009 fight club final battle"...During the fight someone "summons all ninjas" and me and my friend Scott hopped up on stage and someone said something about how Naruto sucked, you can hear it clear as day on the video.
  • Ruining photoshoots. People who are screwing up photoshoots piss me off. If you see people trying to take a photo, walk around behind the camera operator, not right between them and the people their taking a photo of.
  • Drunken idiots...I understand wanting to drink and have fun at a con, in fact I'm sure when I'm 21 I'll do the same at a con, but don't be an idiot...Seriously.
  • Oh and this isn't about other cosplayers, but the con itself. I hate that they have a "no live steel" rule. I think you should be allowed to carry a sword in if you want, AS LONG AS IT IS SHEALTHED and doesn't come out unless for a picture, and then only in a safe area. I collect swords and actually am VERY good at using them...Luckily, the con I usually go to (Anime Punch in Ohio) doesn't run this rule, so I am allowed to bring a sword if I want. They just say "If you can put it down your pants and jump with it(without being hurt), then you can have it." Also, the no mock fighting rule...as long as we are not hurting eachother, other people, or causing any type of danger for anyone, who cares if we "shadow box" or slow mo fight...?

    Ok, rant over. : D
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Well. . .if I can name a few,

-saying your costume's color is off by literary a hue.
-girls shouldn't cosplay guys
-my hair isn't the right color of the character, but fairly close
-people taking my props and playing with them
-people touching my costume with dirty hands
-cutting in front of me because they want to meet a voice actor
-telling me my make-up's off just by a smudge
-stealing my Pocky when I said about 10 times you can't have any
-my paint job looks horrible
-I shouldn't be cosplaying the person I am since I do it wrong
-I pose weird in pictures
-Buying yaoi is a bad sense of interest
-Plushies are a waste of money

And I believe that's about it. Rant done.

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People who criticize way to much. Last year I cosplayed as Chihiro from Spirited Away. Except that instead of it being pink it was red because the original Japanese movie had it as red and they changed it later on. It was hand made and expensive to make. People kept on telling me that I got the color wrong and it bothered me a lot. I also didn't apparently have the right bang size ._. I'm not going to cut my hair that way just for three days. My parentals would never allow me to do it. And since Chihiro normally was barefoot I had to wear black sandals. I'm not walking barefoot for three days. The pictures were nice but It was upsetting to be mistaken as Ponyo half the time.
People who complain others about doing a genderbend cosplay. I haven't done it but I've seen it, and it looks quite interesting to me.

It can be done quite well, I don't see the issue. I'd rather have fun at a convention than b***h about someone doing a genderbend cosplay that doesn't concern me. lol
More of a con-goer rant as it's often non-cosplayers doing this. When people start yelling out things in panels that have nothing to do with the panel's subject. I even been to panels where the people running it start going way off-topic and it's even more irritating. If I go to a panel about x, I want to hear about x, not about y.
one thing i dont like on top of somethings already mentioned is simply when someone goes to a panel to annoy the person running the panel. just have fun with it, i understand you have a right to your opinion,but should you bum other people out just to make yourself feel better? no. people came to the panel to hear and see what the panelist has to say not to hear you fight the person,(usually). this happened to me when i went to a persons panel who dislike final fantasy( personally i like it a lot with four 7 and 13-2 being my favorites right now) i was curious as a third person party to see why they disliked it and some guy comes in and starts whining that that person sucked cause they didnt like ff. i dont like inuyasha and a friend of mine dislikes gintama, even though i cosplay as gintoki and him as inuyasha we both accept that we dont like one, but we still respect each other and we dont pressure the other into liking it and we leave it at that.
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Any judging/hate/criticism nonsense does not belong at a convention. People are their to have fun and share interests; we're all in this together sort of thing, so don't go tossing people overboard.

Serious rivalries. When my group debuted in our Kuroshitsuji costumes, we stole a lot of the thunder from the previous #1 Kuroshitsuji group. We didn't do it on purpose; we were just having fun. They were nice to us, and us to them at the convention, but afterward and the year after they were cold, almost hostile. It was surprising and ugly.

Another thing that bothers me is the overly obnoxious fans. (I say "fans" because that can encompass people in and out of costume.) Yes, you're excited. Yes, it's fun. Please don't disrupt people with your screaming contests, your hallway blocking, your unwashed stink or your damn bicycle horns in my ear (Gamzee!!).
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exclaim People who judge cosplayers based on their looks and weight and not the COSTUME. I've seen some fantastic costumes one heavy people and some shitty ones on skinny people. I've also seen people hate on people for cosplaying the wrong ethnicity. I think you should cosplay whoever the hell you want.

exclaim People who don't put effort into their costumes or chose a really complex costume then do a simple version of it. For example: I saw a Link who used a long T-shirt, white jeans, a white sweater, brown legwarmers and tennis shoes and said they were Twilight princess Link. No, there are other Links that are WAY more simple, in fact the legwarmers looked more like the boots from Oracle of Ages/Seasons which would have been easier to pull off because it's simple. Tights or stretch pants aren't more expensive then white jeans. $3 at a thrift store..so I don't understand. Even if they did go that route of choosing the complex version, at least put the effort of drawing or hemming the detail on the tunic. I saw a Shiek that was clearly made from old seaters and sweat pants, stretch pants and stuff and it was probably pretty cheap but they paid so much attention to detail it looked amazing, so I don't see there being an excuse.

exclaim People who pick the worst fabric for their costumes. I'm talking like felt for a Link tunic or silk for Sazh. I ruins it no matter how well it's sewn.

exclaim People who don't wear wigs or bother to style their hair for a cosplay. Drives me insane. Even if you paper mache' some hair at least, AT LEAST you are making an effort to complete your costume 100% It just looks weird when there isn't an effort for the hair.

exclaim Glompers. Hugging is ok, I don't mind hugging, but not straight up glomping unless I'm in a glomp circle...don't do it.

exclaim People who don't take a picture in character. You don't have to run around acting like the character the whole time but when someone takes a picture it's a good idea to do something in character. Nothing worse then seeing a Sephiroth smiling with a peace sign on his hands.

exclaim Crowding an elevator to the point of me getting squished against the wall or stepped on or elbowed in the face. Just wait or take the stairs.

exclaim KITTY EARS ON BOY CHARACTERS THAT DON'T HAVE KITTY EARS! I hate it! I hate kitty versions of characters. If you want to be a kitty boy, go cosplay loveless, don't slap a pair of kitty ears on a Saskue costume and think it's cute. Why would you take away from a great cosplay with kitty ears. I want a picture of Vash not kitty Vash.

exclaim People who hate on people who dress up as something that's not anime, game or of Japanese culture. Who cares? If it's a great cosplay then I like it. I don't mind Hunger Games or MJ or Starwars or Futurama or Family guy cosplay.

exclaim People who look down on you for buying your costume. Hell if it's good and you spent good money to get it just right and it all fits together, then it doesn't matter unless you are in the cosplay contest. (Cause I think you have to make it as one of the rules right? ) If you aren't skilled but you don't want to have a shitty cosplay, then there's nothing wrong with buying.

I don't mind the crazy fans or the 'weeaboos' or the crossplay or genderbender characters or the yaoi and my experiences have been fairly good on respect and I've asked random strangers to help with my costume and I've helped random strangers with their costumes and they were always happy to help or get help. Maybe I'm lucky. I didn't get a lot of stinkies either. Also, I've read some people who get mad that people take their pictures without asking. That's like a celebrity expecting the Paparazzi to ask to take a picture. If you are dressed up or at a con, sorry but it's kind of free game. :/ The only thing that's frustrating about that is when you are trying to get into a pose and they snap a picture before you are done getting ready for the pic. But that's life I guess.
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-> I'm turning myself in xD
I'm really self-conscious about the way my costumes/cosplays look on me. So for this years for metrocon I just ordered my costume online and my wig. I'm hoping that since I didn't make it myself that I don't feel like it looks bad just because I made it. gonk I hate how I do this to myself lol.

-> I hate when people wear costumes JUST because its popular. Let's just say... I did a popular-ish star wars character at a star wars convention. Yeah. The greatness of the attention lasted for about 30 minutes. If that.
At metrocon I'm doing a character I really really love. I love everything about the anime. I'm not doing it because its "popular"

->& I saw a lot of Hetalia talk and I personally; cannot even watch a whole episode. But if I saw some good cosplayers and I found out they were Hetalia... they would still be good cosplays.
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People who complain others about doing a genderbend cosplay. I haven't done it but I've seen it, and it looks quite interesting to me.

It can be done quite well, I don't see the issue. I'd rather have fun at a convention than b***h about someone doing a genderbend cosplay that doesn't concern me. lol

I agree; sometimes a girl can pull off a guy character better than a guy could. And vice versa. Its scary cool and I applaud people that can pull it off. 4laugh
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I hate it when people start a cosplay group, and then in the con keep complaining about how "everyone else is so much prettier than me and have better costumes and bawww". If you feel so goddamn insecure then don't start a group. No one likes giving you asspats.

Cosplayers who think that looks don't matter. Yes. They. Do.
Cosplay is a hobby where you're supposed to look like the character. That includes costume, make-up, wig, maybe even colored contacts and mostly : the correct body type.
No, I am not going to complaing about fat people cosplaying, it's none of my business and all, but jesus christ, stop saying that a greasy fat hambeast would make a great little anime girl.
'Cause that's just wrong.

Cosplayers who think it's a-ok to harass other cosplayers simply because the cosplays would be their "favorite pairing evurrr". It's not acceptable. Cons =/= your private RP's.

And of course, cosplayers who believe in stereotypes. Cosplay a character with little clothing : You are a slut. Cosplay a male character despite being a girl : You must be a total yaoi fan and make out with other crossplayers, etc.

In short, most cosplayers are awful. Honestly.
Here are the few issues about that I don't like:

*When people nitpick a few irrelevant parts if your cosplay is off by a few things like buttons or gloves. I can understand if it's an entire top or if you don't have the wig, but come on! -_-

*When people hate on those who make their cosplays or those who bought theirs online. Not every cosplay will be 100% perfect, but those who make their cosplays are trying to make theirs as accurate as they can. It's not easy! They are trying hard! Some people, like me, buy their cosplays online because they aren't good at sewing, don't know how, don't have the equipment or they just don't have enough time.

*When people bash on others because of their height, weight, gender etc. Cosplay is suppose to be fun! People should cosplay who ever they want. I'm a black girl and a bit chubby, but I cosplayed characters who are lighter skinned (Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, Haruhi Susumiya and Mikuru Asahina, and Saya Kiseragi from Blood-C, and Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight) and even still lots of people said that I did a great job cosplaying as them. People shouldn't be limited! If you want to cosplay as someone, go for it!

*The "shouting" and the obnoxious fans. I admit I use to be one. When I attended NYAF/NYCC 2010, it was my first convention and I was super excited, but as I went to more conventions I learned how to calm my self down. The shouting fans can be very annoying especially if they are right next to you.

*When people get mad because no one is taking your picture. People should cosplay their favorite character because they love that character not so that they can become attention whores.

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