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So being the newbie I am when it comes to cosplay,
(This is only my second, ever.)
I need some help with my wig.
So this year I will be cosplaying as Rabi~en~rose or Usada if you rather, from Di Gi Charat.
Here are a couple of pictures, [o1] [o2]
And as you can see, she has long purpley/pink pigtails. =3=
I have found a couple of wigs that I think the color and length would both work for my cosplay really well, my only problem is, I haven't a clue how to take a regular wig with all the hair down in it and put it into pigtails without having it look like crap. x3x
I have also only been able to find a few pre-pigtailed wigs that would work, the problem is that they are curly, and although you can straighten and let down the pigtails when you do, they are only twelve inches.

My real question for you gaia is, how do you put a regular wig into pigtails?
If there are any tutorials, or if any of you know how please post links/tell me. D: It would be much appreciated.
Also, if you find any pre-pigtailed wigs you think might work please post a link? n_n;;
I am up for pretty much any kind of suggestions on what to do for this, but I can not dye my hair pink or purple.
a) My mom would kill me. x_x
b) The con is in August and if I look like s**t with pink/purple hair I don't want to start my school year looking like poop.

Thank-you so much~
Katie Bair has made an excellent tutorial on how to part a wig for pig tails:
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Invisible Regular

First of all. DO NOT attempt to put long hair up into pigtails. It's a guaranteed disaster waiting to happen. If you really want to make you're own, you will need to either A) Use the tutorial given above to part a wig, then stub it, then make extentions and attach to the stub. B)Buy a very short wig and make clip-in ponytails out of wefts. or C) Buy a pre-tailed wig such as this one, straighten it, and deal with the not-quite-perfect length.

I recommend B. It gives you the best looking results and is quite easy to do.
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Sparkly Vampire

You could take a pre-parted wig, cut the too-short, curled pigtails off, and just use the stubbing tutorial Kate Bair has on those, and add extensions to it.
This works quite well because you'll have bows covering up where the extensions will be attached, and you wont have to hid the wefting with hair.
You can get pre-wefted extensions up to 24" long on Cosworx, Amphigory only offers pre-wefted hair up to 10 inches.
YOu can also get normal loose extesions that can be up to 48", but youd have to make them into wefts yourself, which can be done with glue [easy, but slow, and not extremely sturdy, but works well if you're new to wigs and hair, Kate Bair has a tutorial for this as well] or you can try to make sewn wefts [which I find are much quicker, and look a lot better, and you dont have the fear of tears like you would with glued wefts. There are tutorials on Cosplay.com for this]

Id really suggest doing this versus trying to part a normal wig. Im pretty skilled with wig styling, but I have yet to figure out a good way of adding hair to wigs for a pigtail part. x___x The whole melting the hair fibers kindof freaks me out a bit.

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