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Coming soon to a convention near you!

Hey, everybody!

Neko Neko Maid & Hostess Club is looking for girls and guys 18+ who are ready to participate in a high school style Maid and Host Club!

As a maid or host you'll have the opportunity to cosplay your very own maid or hostess character that you create from scratch or base on your favorite anime and manga characters. Dress up in the cutest maid outfits and show your skills in dancing, para para, singing, and overall being super kawaii! If accepted you will be involved in one of most anticipated events of the year!

What will you be doing other than acting super cute, you ask? Well we'll tell you! As a maid or hostess you'll work closely with our customers. You get the opportunity to discuss your favorite anime, video games, music, and fandom with other fans from the community. Enjoy your time playing fun games such as tic-tac-toe, Jenga, jankenpon, and many many more. As well as your dreams of being on stage coming true! We're looking for maids who are enthusiastic about J-Pop and dance, and willing to get up on stage and perform your favorite songs with other maids, or even solo if you think you can do it!

This is just a brief overview of what Neko Neko is and we'd really appreciate it if you'd take a peek at our website.
Remember, check us out! Especially if you're in the Boston area or willing to travel there in the first week of April, send in an audition!
Neko Neko Maid and Hostess Club

Errr, if this isn't allowed or is in the wrong place, please let me know! biggrin
OMG thats so coold:-3 I wanna do it but the problem is that Iam only 17 and I live in Texas xD

Aw, that's to bad!
I hope we'll get to see you in the future!

(3 of the people running it are actually not from anywhere near MA. xD)
Another maid cafe XD I swear I can't keep track anymore lol.
Well, I have to say is nice to meet you maids from Neko Neko
Maid. :3 I'm a maid from Ichigo Cafe. X3 Maid cafe from the
West Coast lol

Nice to meet you!
xD We're heading off to the east coast, since the west coast already seems to have quite a few maid cafes. :3
Maybe eventually, but we don't want to create competition~ <3
Lol. I know what you mean. XD We already have a few problems over here X-x
I just hope that nothing goes wrong XD;; But well, whoever perseveres more
comes up top I guess in the West.

Exactly~ xD
We want to be on good terms with other maid cafes, not trying to steal their venues! xD
Yay NekoNeko. [This is Kitti]

Hi, Kitti~
(I'm Miki, by the way! <3)
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Not 18 yet. Sorry

Aww, that's a shame~
Maybe later, then~ <3

If you guys have friends who are old enough and you think they'll be interested, point them our way~ <3
A couple friends and I will be opening a Maid Cafe on the east coast actually. XD I'm sure we'll all be far away form one another though so I'm not worried.

Good luck with your maid cafe! <3

Neko Neko Bump~ <3

Hope some of you will be joining us! biggrin

Neko Neko Bump~ <3

And if you can't join us, we hope to see you at the show!~ biggrin

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