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Hello, can I get some help ~

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I have to draw these lines, pic related, on my face at the con here in Texas, in June.
I need something that won't run or smudge easily because it's going to be hot as skfjalsfjalkdjf.
I used regular pencil eyeliner for my first makeup test, and it was hard to use ... x__x

I tried on my cosplay today and I was pretty much sweating soon as I got the wig on ...
(really the cosplay is more for winter, but we barely have winter in Texas anyway, lol ..)
Anyway, what can I use to draw the lines that won't be a mess in less than an hour? D:

If you used a pencil the first time, why not try liquid water-proof eyeliner?
It would take a steady hand, but it would be darker and longer lasting.

If not, check out a local party store and see if they have a
face paint marker or something similar.
I've never used one myself so I don't know if they're water proof,
but it's only $1 so it might be worth a shot!

Good luck!
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I've used Snazaroo facepaint, and it didn't smudge. Well, after I touched it did. But I was drinking and dancing and it held up all night.

(this was an 80's party.)

I just wet a q-tip and drew on my face from there. It was maybe $6 on Amazon?
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permanent marker is always fun. but
i would suggest using liquid eyeliner
that is waterproof. or cut out a design
on black construction paper and then
using face glue.
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I guess I'll start experimenting with liquid eyeliner and various markers, then ~ My biggest problem is that I'm too lazy to put on full makeup for tests instead of occasions .. XD
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Liquid eyeliner could work, but if you start to "melt" it runs pretty bad...I've had it go into my eyes a little bit one year...worst feeling I've ever felt in my eyes haha.

I would definitely try the body-paint. It is meant to stay on your body through some harsh conditions (such as sweating). If your face sweats, maybe try putting a little bit of deodorant on your face before applying the body-paint. It sounds REALLY weird, I know, but I've heard of other people putting deodorant on their palms because they get sweaty palms. I don't know how well body paint goes on over deodorant, or if you should put the deodorant on after applying the paint, but it is just an idea that came to me while I was replying haha.

If worse comes to worse you could try a toxic-free marker. It would be a pain to come off, but it might not run. You could just get baby oil to help remove it (my mom uses baby oil to remove her make-up because it is safe on the eyes).

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yum_tea No matter what type of eyeliner you use it will either smudge if you touch it or run if it's too hot out, so my suggestion would be to either use a face paint marker, which I believe you can buy at any costume or party shop or you can buy black duct tape and cut pieces of it in the shape that you need and since it's duct tape it won't run or smudge. I would however suggest that you avoid liquid eyeliner if you go the eyeliner route stick to gel or pencil, they'll be less likely to run.
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Well, nothing I can really suggest that they havn't yet. Liquid eyeliner is what a friend of mine used but it started to fade after a couple of hours because of sweat and her hair rubbing against it. Haha, maybe a sharpie? But those can fade too.. I'm not sure ^ ^" Listen to the other people, not me XD
On another note- I might be going to A-Kon! My ride just has to convince her grandparents to drive us five and a half hours there - -"

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