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Welp, I got a wig the other day for my Fujiwara no Mokou cosplay, but the wig got all tangled up when I brushed it. I honestly have no clue what to do. I tried brushing out some of the knots, but it only made it worse ;_; Can someone help me, please?

Also, this is my first wig ever.
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Where did you buy your wig?
How long is your wig?
And I will need some photos to get a visual. Good lighting will be necessary, and preferably not blurry. A front view, back view, left profile view, and right profile view are a minimum. You don't have to be wearing it, you could just put it on the floor or prop it up on a drink glass.

First bit of general advice is that when brushing a wig, you can't use normal brushes. I'm not sure what you were using but because you mention it's your first wig, I assumed it wouldn't hurt to mention it.
Wide toothed combs are the most recommended option. You want something that can card through the fibers with the least pull. Brushes can tug fibers right out of the weft lining in the cap :c
But most wigs that get tangled aren't always a permanent mess, we may be able to fix it, so we'll stay positive until you get get some pictures c:
Do you know what kind of fibers your wig is made out of? If you have a really cheap wig... (like party city halloween wig cheap) some of those are just beyond saving and you should really invest in a better wig.

Assuming that you bought a nice wig, this would be my recommendation.

You're going to need:
Your wig
A wig stand (A Styrofoam head does wonders)
A ball pin -- > http://threadsmagazine.assets.tauntonnet.com/assets/uploads/posts/3830/120-pin-cushions-01_lg.jpg (Do NOT get a T-Head pin)
a squirt bottle
water / a tiny squirt of conditioner
and a comb with a pretty heavy tail.
http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/de/denman-anti-static-carbon-tail-comb--dc05.jpg <-- you can use these, but, I have difficulty using this kind
http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31TJme9nTrL._SL500_SS500_.jpg <-- Imo ones like these work better


Make sure you securely pin your wig to the wig-stand. You only need to use a pin or two, and this will not damage your wig if you pin it.

In the spray bottle just use a teensy-tiny bit of conditioner and fill the rest with some warm-cool water. Do not use to much conditioner because if you do, your wig can end up looking greasy /oily afterwords. shake your concoction up!

Use the mist setting and spray your wig all over. It doesn't need to be soaking, but enough to get the wig a bit wet.

Holding the TEETH of the comb, you are going to use the tail part to actually detangle! Hold the comb with a loose grip. Enough to control what you are doing, but loose enough to let it bounce in your hand.

Gently tap with the end of the comb from the top of the head to the way down. Do not use a lot of force, just gently tap!

Continue to do this all the way down to the ends, and throughout until your wig is detangled!

This is usually what I have done / what my sister in law does and it works pretty well! Best of luck to you sad
As was previously mentioned, when brushing/combing your wig, make sure you start from the bottom and work your way up. That might seem a bit odd (I know it did for me at first) but once you do it a few times, it becomes natural. If you do it the other way around, you might pull the fibers out and mess up your wig.
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My number one tip for wig detangling is... Patience! cat_sweatdrop

It's a pain to do, but remember that any hairs that you pull out of a wig are gone forever, so you want to be as gentle with them as possible.

Detangling a wig is much like detangling real long hair. If you don't have a wig brush, use a wide toothed plastic comb and work slowly from the tips of the hair upwards. I also highly recommend investing in a can of Motions Oil Sheen Spray. It's about $4 at CVS, and you can find it in the ethnic hair care area. It's a tall gold can that looks a bit like hairspray. Spray that on your wig and then try to comb it through. Don't worry if it looks like it's making the strands "wet" or stick together. Once you've gotten all the tangles out, let the wig sit for a day or so and it will evaporate off and your wig will be super soft. cat_4laugh Bonus: Motions smells really good.

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