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Last night, I purchased my first 100% heat resistant wig.
All my other wigs are not heat resistant so this is new and exciting for me.

So, I was wondering if I could get some tips on straightening my wig and also re-curling it from time to time. Because I don't wanna do something wrong and melt the fibers. =/

Thanks! ^-^
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gaia_star //Even though its supposed to be heat resistant, it would be best to test it out first. What I like to do is take a little strand from the wig and straighten or curl that piece. So if the wig doesn't end up being heat resistant, the only thing that would get damaged is that one strand and not the wig.
Also, make sure your straightener or whatever your using is on the lowing setting possible. c:

There's probably more advice others could give you. Right now that's the only things i could think of.
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Here's hoping I might be of service...I work a lot with heat-resistant wigs!

Definitely test a part of the wig that won't show should it mess up! I tend to go for the nape area of the wig and test as close to the wig cap as possible so, if the wig fries or melts, you can't see it too horribly.

All of your heat tools (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer) NEED to be kept on the lowest heat setting; just because the wig is heat-resistant, does NOT mean it does not have a melting point.
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Just as everyone has said, test it out! I get a number of wigs off eBay but I don't really trust most of them when they say heat resistant.
Also, I wouldn't really recommend treating a wig like normal hair that you can just straighten and curl on a whim, at least not that one since even if it is heat resistant I wouldn't want to necessarily remove the natural curl baked into it since it is very difficult to bring a nice curl back into a wig from what I've seen, personally. Repeatedly styling it with heat could also be a risky move.
Of course if the test patch works for you, you just do whatever the heck ya want to it, I merely offer cautious advice since I myself am overly cautious with my wigs.
If you want properly heat resistant wigs I recommend Arda Wigs as they advertise using Hiperlon fiber which is one of the more heat resistant fiber types and a LOT of Arda customers restyle their wigs or straighten them often.
Ahh thanks for all of the advice everyone! Much appreciated. ^-^
I'm going to test it out once my wig arrives. Let's hope all goes well.

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