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Make Cosplay Outfits?

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Nos 0.1551724137931 15.5% [ 18 ]
<_> 0.12068965517241 12.1% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
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Have you ever made your cosplay costume at home?
Thinking about making one?
If so, tell us about it.
You may post pictures, but keep them to a small size.
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I made an awesome pirate coat last year for Halloween. This year I wanted to make the State Alchemist (from FullMetal Alchemist) uniform. But I don't have money crying
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2 years ago I dressed up like my Gaia avi (not my current avi). I made the pants espessialy for that.
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'Cause I don't think that they'd understand

Generally speaking, everyone in this forum has or plans to make a real life cosplay costume; that's the entire point of this forum, after all.

My most proud creation is my Rei Ayanami school uniform, which was mainly made from scratch.
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Seychelles from Hetalia, but her dress was REALLY easy X3
Oh and Kagome from InuYasha about a year ago, but her outft shrunk in the wash *sobs*

I want to make more cosplays though....
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i make all of my cosplays i have a Kh2 sora, Yoko from gurren laggan,faye from cowboy beebop ect.

check um out my Deviantart
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Too many to even think about listing, especially considering I make stuff for not only meself, but also friends, not to mention Ren Faire garb as well.. Got into sewing about 6 yrs ago, figured, "Hell, I can fix my own car, how hard can this be?" Haven't regretted it yet.

Some o' my faves/best works?

FMA military uniform - I've made 3 of these, Riza Hawkeye, Olivier Armstrong (before the new series (GAG!) started), and Schiezska.

Neji from original Naruto series - GAWD, getting those damned rectangle pieces made WITHOUT any seams showing was frustrating, but I got it lookin' fab!

The Major from Hellsing - Though this work is an in-process one at the moment, I'm already quite pleased with the way it's turning out. Should be quite nifty all together on my friend!

Crackle of the Rice Krispies - 2 friends n I decided to do our own food-themed cosplay and came up with the 3 Rice Krispies guys. Mine is SO comfy and came together SO awesomely, I have no intentions of retiring it any time soon!

The 4 Kais from DBZ - The fabric my friends n I chose to get the flowy look to these outfits was HORRIBLE to work with, but in the end, w/the masks we made to go with the outfits, these are still a group fave to wear.

PIRATES!! - I absolutely LOVE my pirate garb! Any excuse to wear it will do for me! I've now made several completely different outfit pieces, so I can pick n choose a look I want and still be comfy.

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I make all of my cosplay and props. I only just buy wigs, but style them myself :l
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A friend of mine and I made a Matsumoto Rangiku (Bleach) costume for a con that was a couple weeks ago. I even hand-wove the waraji sandals! The only thing not handmade for it was a wooden version of Heineko, her zanpakuto sword, though I'll probably buy a wig when I cosplay her again.
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You mean like making instead of buying? I've made every costume I've ever worn from scratch. If I'm going to cosplay I want to wear something I'm proud of.
Uh, I made a few. I'm currently making my Miku Love is war outfit right now though. biggrin <3

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"So, you offer your life in exchange for theirs?" Exdeath

I made my Death the Kid Soul Eater cosplay for AX last year. :3

"Of course not. I offer yours." Kain Highwind
I've made my two cosplays myself and plan on doing a third once I get the funds.

My first was Dejiko from di gi charat. I got help from a mentor who had been doing it for years and has won several awards for her cosplays, both nationaly and internationally. So yeah, that one turned out fairly nice since she was guiding me through the process.

My second was fully on my own and didnt turn out good at all really, though I did learn from my mistakes and when I made my friend's (we were doing a group cosplay) it turned out super nice so I'm happy about that at least. We did Phoenix Write characters and my Maya was total fail but her Von Karma was Rockin! lol

My next project is Ursula from the little mermaid. It will actually look right with my body type and I got my friends to agree to cosplay as mermaid Ariel, Vanessa (human Ursula), and a gender bending Prince Erik, and a 'spy crab' Sebastian. And I will be working with someone who actually knows how to sew properly! Yay! I'm really looking forward to it.
I made a Dr. Stein outfit, includeing shoes and everything o:
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I always make my costumes~

Right now I am working on akira from lucky star, don't have any progress pictures yet though sweatdrop

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