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Which outfit should i do?

Outfit 1 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 4 ]
Outfit 2 0.5 50.0% [ 11 ]
Outfit 3 0.31818181818182 31.8% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 22 ]
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Hygienic Bloodsucker

You're welcome.
Happy to help! And good luck! Gorillaz are my favourite band!
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Shy Fatcat

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Kawaii Slayer

I think the second one is most "Noodle-esque" like when I think of noodle I think of long black boots, caps, and leather gloves haha ~
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Shy Fatcat

emi desu

I agree with you. Its actually something that i'd wear. xD
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Shy Fatcat

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# 3 would be hard to cosplay but it also be the best, but if you want something thats easy to get the # 2....irdk im more of a 2D and Murdoc fan
chickenisntmystyle's avatar

Shy Fatcat

Weapon Shiri

Okay, thanks. I'm probably gonna do 3.
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Tipsy Gawker

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Noodle always rocks!!! >8D
chickenisntmystyle's avatar

Shy Fatcat

Yumitoko II

WOOHOO! (^ 7 ^)/

You have Noodle's support!
chickenisntmystyle's avatar

Shy Fatcat

ama no wasabi

Thanks! C;
Side Note: Outfit #2 is from the Clint Eastwood MV.

I love noodles!

I'd recommend the CLint Eastwood version, #2.

I also recommend her Stylo outfit, but that's just me. xD

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