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Okie, just like the title says, anyone who has ever cosplayed and or went to an anime convention know weird/crazy/hilarious things happen during the events

So this thread is to simply tell your story and discuss other people's stories.

~*Do tells*~
Where and when it happened
who was involved

Just have fun and tell us all about your experience(s)

~*Though make sure the story dosnt have inside jokes that the other people in this thread would not get or understand, but if there is one and you still wish to tell it, please inform us what is going on*~

Confusion of characters
Confusion of Gender
Hotel Rooms
The list goes on and on e_e;

Haha, I'm not sure if people will even post in here but its worth a shot c: Im bored

Oh yes you can chat and mingle around my thread to keep it alive and just have fun chatting with people :]
~*Le bump*~
Once, at the NY Anime Con, I was glomped to the ground by the entire Host Club. "Mom" was the most excited to see me. I also believe Hunny tried to grab my crotch. Sorry to disappoint! But I was cross-playing as Mail Jeevas... D;

What about you~? : ]
Minutes to Meteora
Once, at the NY Anime Con, I was glomped to the ground by the entire Host Club. "Mom" was the most excited to see me. I also believe Hunny tried to grab my crotch. Sorry to disappoint! But I was cross-playing as Mail Jeevas... D;

What about you~? : ]

Me? haha I have wayyyy too many c:
Hm id have to say one funny one was when i was at metrocon and I was hidan (ofc) and someone as harry potter thought i was draco malfoy and if you are familiar to Hidan there is always a joke between him and draco that they are the same just in different movie/anime >w>
Must of been funny~

: ' D
well, I was jumping on my trampoline in my Krad cosplay, and I stepped the wrong way and whole inner pink fabric ripped out

also, my friend and I were wandering around on halloween in our cosplay
She was Wrath from FMA
I was Xigbar from KH

Yeah, as we were walking somehow my little drawsting dangly thing came off and we stood around looking for it
by a busy road
with people driving by
on a very cold night

and then we went into 711 and some random asian guys were looking at us funny, XD

well my bf had just bought the colored contacts at
the anime st. louis con we went to in March.

He had never put contacts in so I had to go into
the bathroom with him and help him out.
Of course I was kinda freaking out in him...
or so he says on how to put them in and we spent
45 minutes in there before we went to our bleach
photoshoot. we had went as rukia and ichigo.

The funny part was the random dudes coming in
and out of the MENS bathroom and they were all staring at me.

The funniest part I think was initially walking in the bathroom.
People were like wtf?!?!
it was fun
i just came back from AX.
so i was cosplaying as chibitalia from Hetalia.
and my friend(she was hungary) and i where tired and we sat on a bench.
I had a pair of bloomers that made me sweat alot, so decided to take them off.
well i wasn't noticing but a Belarus,Austria, Hong Kong, and Taiwan where right in front of me.
I was still trying to take them off and i didn't notice but belarus and it seems also austria had noticed, i was taking them off.
and it came along the words of belarus was all in a 'Omg i love you for taking off your bloomers.' kinda commotion.
and i was apologizing for them seeing that, she said it was ok and that i should keep doing it anyways.
it got real awkward.
it was funnier if you where there.
i was also a bit ambushed by a pair of cameras when i tried to take them off, before that XD.
Once I ate a brownie and I found out it was stale.
Last year I was Suiseiseki, my wig got caught on (we counted)

four doors
one gothic spiky belt on an emo guy
one gir button
one giant prop
one lanyard

...which is why I'm NOT cosplaying as Suiseiseki this year 8D;
Well it wasn't a cosplay but on Halloween Night I hung around my college for a party, it sucked but not the point, but I decided to be a Barbarian, looking the other way of the fact that I am a skinny white boy, and let's just say I showed a lot of leg and got a lot of good looks, especially when I went to that art exhibit that was going on for a student right across the hall.
I was working on a pair of pants I had to paint zebra stripes on for a costume, and it was doing okay until we got to the butt. Because of the thickness and texture of the fabric, it was impossible to get the butt part to lay flat enough for us to paint it without bunching up...so I had to put them on and have my best friend paint my butt. xd Good times, good times.
At Otakon 2007, I was cosplaying as Temari from Naruto, with the fullsized fan. My friends and I were really tired, so we were laying underneath the fan in the hallway trying to sleep, and pretty soon, all these random people wanted to be under it with us.

D: But then, this really fat, high guy came up to us...And literally started chasing us around the convention center. He went after my friend first because her cosplay was bright pink, but he seriously wouldn't leave us alone. And for some reason, every single time someone shouted meat, he would start freaking out. So, we ran for the stairs because he couldn't exactly get up them easily.

Scariest five minutes of my life DD:

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