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Are You Going To The London MCM Expo In October?

GOSH YEAH! 0.44043321299639 44.0% [ 122 ]
Nahh 0.093862815884477 9.4% [ 26 ]
I Don't Live In The UK ;__; 0.31046931407942 31.0% [ 86 ]
The Flying Llama Dragons are attacking! 0.15523465703971 15.5% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 277 ]
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Friendly Gaian

So then it's a Paris MCM Expo? owo;
So then it's a Paris MCM Expo? owo;

I think it's just midlands this year going there, I aint too sure. I think they are tying to spread it around abit.

But I must admit that the halls are getting too small! We need a bigger venue.
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Friendly Gaian

I agree with you there.
Walking around at the London MCM was unpleasant. ._.

But I think it's more to do with the amount of people as opposed to space.
I love the intense feeling of all the people! (although yeah I do get pushed around a bit, being a giant book razz
But it's like that at every expo (especially in Japan), its part of the experience
They could easily open up another area, but I guess ticket prices would go up again if they did that
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Friendly Gaian

The only other area they have is the hall where they have the queue. D:
Why did they move the midlands expo to paris? it's the only expo I can get to with ease xp
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Friendly Gaian

Because they want the French Frogs to be able to experience the MCM. xD
Even though they quite could easily hop onto the Eurostar and come to the London MCM. ¬_¬
can't it be argued that we can just as easily do that ^^;;;

Don't France already have a really big anime con over there anyway? I think some people here were discussing going to it?
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Friendly Gaian

... good point.
I didn't think of it that way. x3

Uhm. No idea.
I don't keep up with what's going on in France. xD
Whut? Who said anything about Midlands Expo in Paris? That doesn't make sense xD

Midlands Expo is a once a year type of Expo because it doesn't make enough profit if it happens twice a year. It was originally going to be in September every year but after much debate they decided to move it to February which I think is way better than holding it in September!

There's a convention in France called Japan Expo and that's a completely separate convention, it has nothing to do with the MCM Expos.
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Friendly Gaian

Thank you for clearing that up. owo; <3
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Ruthless Bookworm

March 10th 1989.

There you go Hosagi.
You're not the oldest now. xD

There's nothing wrong with being the oldest though x3 ~

I am damn proud to be the oldest here.
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Friendly Gaian

And so you should be! ;D
XD I heard MCM expo was on halloween this year!
How misinformed

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