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Are You Going To The London MCM Expo In October?

GOSH YEAH! 0.44043321299639 44.0% [ 122 ]
Nahh 0.093862815884477 9.4% [ 26 ]
I Don't Live In The UK ;__; 0.31046931407942 31.0% [ 86 ]
The Flying Llama Dragons are attacking! 0.15523465703971 15.5% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 277 ]
I Bugsy Pac-Man (h)
We should get someone to go as Pac-Woman aswell
What about pong too!
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Friendly Gaian


Hello, goodbye. xD
Paaah I don't dare see how many posts I've missed throughout this past month, I failed at Expo and managed to meet the Gaia meet - then I don't come on here for a whole month T___T

Should be back now though, or at least back to lurking on this thread hurrr~
Got one more exam tomorrow but I'm not too bothered about it, it's only one so I can spare some time here! ^_^

Did I read a Gaia meet in the Summer in either London or B'ham? If so go to B'ham! >8D Or better yet, somewhere in Somerset ROFL [yeah that's unlikely...] - But B'ham's the place out of the two I am most likely able to get to, mainly because I have a friend there so I could visit her at the same time hurrr~
Woooo! Birmingham!

I got told about a cosplay group that have regular meets in Bham. So at the moment i'm in love! hehe its a new chance to meet friends and i don't really know many people near me who cosplay. xp
Hetalia coslay, October. Get!
Pong would be funny Arrow XD
Two as the big sticks and one as the ball!

We just need to be two big white sticks (Just made out of cardboard boxes like your tetris block but without the erection section)
then we get a white football and just throw it between us biggrin
Yes Yes i Shall!
Such an Easy thing to make also =D
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Friendly Gaian

If that meet up ends up being in Birmingham, I probably won't be able to attend.
I'm still under the controlling hand of mein Mutti, and I don't think she'd be too happy with me going all that way ~
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Dangerous Dabbler

Totally coming over from Belgium. <333
iEuphemia's avatar

Friendly Gaian

*pats Euphies head* awww :3

@Sporeos: Is it really... *has really complex design ideas* ... how do we do it!
Its Just me remaking my Tetris Block
Minus the extra Box i would say.

Maybe make it look a bit better though XD
the pong idea will look cool xD and like euphemia, if the meet is at birmingham i cant make it due to travel and cost. but i'll probably see you all at the oct expo

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