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Hey guys, I'm cosplaying B for a anime-con and i need tips for his hair sweatdrop What i want my hair to look like
you're gonna have to get a wig. style the tips to be pointy with styling wax, cut if necessary.
Thanks will do x3 whee
I think you have to use a wig. 3nodding
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This wig is amazing. This is the one I use for my Lawliet cosplay.

Because BB and L look similar, you can always cut BB's hair the same. It doesn't exactly have to be spiked the same, since BB isn't really L. But what I do.. is for the bangs, cut them a little shorter than where the nose ends. It helps to have a picture up when styling the wig, so you get a better idea of how it's suppose to look.

I take the strands and figure out how short I want to cut it. Using my fingers, I hold them in that spot, and then drag them forward just a little bit.. and then cut it straight across. Once you're done with that, you can scissor it straight up to give it a more natural look. This way, you won't cut it too short.

Got2Be works best for me. Don't hold it too close to the wig when spraying it. That was my first mistake when styling a wig. It takes longer to dry, and then it just falls over.

After spraying, I use a blow dryer. Don't hold it too close. I move it side to side quickly, so that it doesn't burn the hair. Cause if you focus the heat directly at the wig, it'll melt.

When you're done drying it, you can add the Got2Be gel at the ends of the hair to make it more spikey.

I hope this helps! It might be a little late.. but perhaps this will help in the future. Good luck! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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